It appears that the idiocy of the BCS shall endure…

Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 3:44 pm ET

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In an expected and loathesome decision today, John Swofford announced that the BCS was in an “unprecedented state of health” and will not adjust its format to the excruciatingly logical “+1” scenario that college football fans from coast to coast have been pining for since the birth of the BCS.

Tarhole alum, ACC Commissioner and acting BCS Chairman John Swofford, along with most of the 11 conference commissioners voted today to leave the BCS system ‘as is’ and not switch to a +1 type system, which would basically create a Final Four of college football.  This vote basically ensures more BCS fiasco until at least 2014.   

Let me say that again…they voted to NOT have a college football Final Four.  The whole BCS thing is irritating because 90% of college football fans would donate a testicle to rid ourselves of its lunacy.  I have yet to hear one argument from the commissioners that makes any sense to me.  They are as follows;

1.  +1 makes the season too long – BS.  Conference title games, an added 12th regular season game and the BCS title game in mid January doesnt bother them.  Isnt it splitting hairs to bitch about one or two more weeks?

2.  +1 makes the regular season less important – Newsflash, it already is less important.  LSU showed us that this year – 2 regular season losses, yet they still play in the title game.  Lets not even talk about ’02 Nebraska getting BLASTED in its final game of the year, only to get the nod to play, or undefeated Auburn (coming from the toughest conference in the country BY FAR) getting left out.

3.  Current TV deals prevent it – BS again.  Money talks, and there would be lots of it for a +1. 

So what is the real reason the powers-at-be will not yield to what the fans want?  Basically, the conference commissioners realize that at this moment, the current system is the only way they will get a team into the title game.  I am talking to you ACC, Big East, Big 12, Pac 10 and Big 10.  You all seem to sneak at least one undeserving team into the show because your competition is so much weaker than that in the SEC.  You then reap the financial windfall for your conference.  You are all scared that the power football conference, the SEC, will basically host a second version of their conference championship game every year, leaving you off the money train. 

I wish I had the balls to start and adhere to a boycott of the BCS until they fixed it, but much like most of you, that is not realistic.

Maybe one day they will make this shit right, but I bet it will never be fixed as long as one conference is clearly superior.  

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One Response to “It appears that the idiocy of the BCS shall endure…”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Great rant on various levels. Of course I’m a huge SEC fan, so…

    Still, I agree, if you take the “C” out of “BCS”, that’s pretty much what we’ve got right now.

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