It’s a Dog Day Afternoon

Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 4:24 pm ET

MLB, The Rest

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Or perhaps “Dawg Day”, hopefully.  And I suppose it’s really more of an evening thing, but, either way, we’ve got an all Bulldog College World Series Championship Series coming up tonight at 7:00 ET (ESPN 2).  Georgia and Fresno State, Vegas’ two long-shots to win it all, have defied all odds this tournament.  Fresno State has been particularly surprising.  No Regional 4 seed had ever made it to Omaha, let alone the Championship Series, but I’m sincerely hoping their luck starts to run out tonight.  On top of that, I’m not sure anyone could have predicted the “Big Browns” Miami, North Carolina, and Florida State dropped on us this CWS.  I certainly didn’t, but then I’m obviously not saying I’m all that disappointed either. 

For various reasons, seeing my Dawgs take down the Heels would have been a bit sweeter, there’s no denying that, but then I naturally have to like Georgia’s chances against Fresno better.  Despite how hot both of these teams are right now, it’s inevitable that something’s got to give, and the law of averages suggests it should be the “Underdogs to Wonderdogs” from out west.  How many “superior” opponents can they continue to best?  We’ll see…

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    Thumbs up on the Pacino reference.

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