Jimmy Fallon is Winning.

Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 1:28 pm ET

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I have been a huge fan of ‘Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon’ since he go over his initial nerves. It was rough at the beginning, but since then it has been my favorite late night show of the bunch(right there w/ Craig Ferguson). There are consistently gems like the video above which just happens to be the most spot on Charlie Sheen impression I have ever seen(since he became relevant a couple weeks ago).

I challenge anyone to try and out perform Mr. Fallon in the art of duplicating the mental disorder suffered by actors from the movie “Major League”. Just look at that face.

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One Response to “Jimmy Fallon is Winning.”

  1. Bryon Says:

    I like your challenge. Lets see if anyone takes you up on it. I would but not many people would see it. I caught this on my iPhone yesterday when I was waiting for my wife at the airport in the morning. You know I was searching for “TV Everywhere” to see what other products were out there that give me Live TV or recordings from my DISH Network employee DVR and I found a lot of articles about Comcast “TV Everywhere.” It’s not “TV Everywhere” if you can only use it on an iPad in your home. That’s so misleading.

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