KFC Confessions:  Three Donks, a Greasy Sink and a Bottle of Dawn

Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 2:25 pm ET

Kissed With Apocalypse, The Rest

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Now, I’ve never worked in the fast food industry, but I would think that rule #1 is “Don’t take a bath in the sink.”  Well #2, actually, because #1 has to be “Don’t go deuce in the sink or the ‘dining room’.”  Well, three Donks out in Anderson, Cali broke that sacred rule and lost Colonel Sanders’ trust and respect forever.  Questions and soapy, greasy details after the jump.  Well, not too many because it’s gross.


I’m not sure what drives people, even Donks, to behave this way.  I do have a few questions, though.  How big is this sink?  Was this supposed to be erotic in some way?  Is the combination of Dawn and chicken grease good for your complexion?

And I just love this part of the story:  “A KFC manager said the young woman who quit expressed an interest in taking a bath in the sink, but the manager told her not to do it.”  Obviously, she was running it by the manager first.  You know, just to see if it was a bad idea.  And the manager’s response?  How could it not be, “Uhhh, what are you?  F#cking nuts?”

I’ll be the first to admit, I love thighs, breasts and legs.  But piling “all” of that, and in this quantity, into a commercial-grade fast food kitchen sink, ruins that love affair.  Spoils it, so to speak.

Moral of the story:  Don’t be a Donk.  Because if they were hot, it’s promotion city to the front register.

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6 Responses to “KFC Confessions:  Three Donks, a Greasy Sink and a Bottle of Dawn”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Wait, where’s that bottle of Dawn???

  2. The GingerHead Man Says:

    Covered in chicken grease and gone in two bites.

  3. Amelia Says:

    That is just sick…

  4. Striker Beaver Says:

    Rub-a-dub-DONKy-LUV-In-a tub!Yes, I would like to have the Colonel’s Secret Recipe with a side of DONK!

  5. Ciaran Says:

    Finger lickin’ bad? (sorry, I just couldn’t keep that one to myself)

  6. Chandler Says:

    Mmmmmm I think this is in the Colonel’s secret recipe…NOT!

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