Video: Kid wants to be a Yankees fan, but faces being disowned by his Red Sox family

Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 9:05 am ET

Kissed With Apocalypse, MLB

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Let this be yet another not so subtle reminder that the passion of sports/rivalries often run(s) thicker than blood.

Remember the little Crimson Tide kid that didn’t want to be put in the Auburn store? Where we posited that sports may actually have an effect on genetics/evolution?

Here — while the core principle remains the same — we’re presented with a slightly different scenario: A child facing possible banishment by his Boston Red Sox-loving family due to an innocent, youthful love of the New York Yankees.

As you can see, this little Yankee’s elder brother was somewhat more merciful, but Dad — Dad’s lived too many pre-2004 years to show any quarter on this occasion. Even to the fruit of his loins.

Indeed, the evidence that sports fandom may eventually occupy a comfortable, identifiable spot on the double helix is mounting. Almost undeniable at this point. Isn’t it?

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