Lakers vs Celtics NBA Finals Time Capsule

Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 1:45 pm ET


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I figured since we’re in the heat of a classic Lakers-Celtics rivalry in the NBA Finals, we might as well take a stroll down memory lane to 1987, the last time these two storied franchises squared off for the title.  Make the jump for some bits of general knowledge that may just make the difference at your next trivia night.  A $50 bar tab won is much sweeter than one earned, there’s no denying that, so it’s probably worth your time.  Even if it isn’t, if nothing else these nuggets might just bring back some nice memories, or at least make you appreciate the way things change.  And stay the same…

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson getting randy with the NBA Finals trophy

Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett on cover of Sports Illustrated

I better just go ahead and get the Sports bits out of the way, otherwise I may lose you.  1987 in…


Super Bowl: Giants over the Broncos in convincing fashion, 39-20. How convenient.  Elway would eventually get his.

NBA Finals: Lakers defeat Boston, 4-2. I’m sticking to my prediction of the reverse of that this year.

World Series: Twins over the Cards, 4-3. Don’t think we’ll be seeing a repeat of that one this year.

Stanely Cup Finals: Edmonton over Philadelphia, 4-3. Nice, another 7 game series, but who cared?

NCAA Basketball: Indiana edges Syracuse 74-73 via a now legendary jumper from Keith Smart (video). Gave Bobby Knight his 3rd NCAA title, and his last.

NCAA Football:  Miami, not the one from Ohio, goes 12-0 on their way to becoming Mythical National Champions.  Oddly enough, the FSU Dynasty officially began this year as well.  The Seminoles finished #2 (their only loss being to the Canes), and began a 14 year streak in which they finished in the Top 5 or played for MNC.  All things must pass.  Notre Dame and future Raider great Tim Brown took home the Heisman.

Wimbledon: Men’s Singles – Some guy named Pat Cash bested Ivan Lendl 7-6, 6-2, 7-5.  In the women’s singles, some guy named Martina Navratilova bested Stefi Graf 7-5, 6-3.

Kentucky Derby Winner: Alysheba.  Yet another horse to just miss the Triple Crown after falling short at the Belmont Stakes.  Probably the jockey’s fault.


Moonstruck, Wall Street, The Last Emperor, The Color of Money, Fatal Attraction, Platoon, Hannah and Her Sisters, Children of a Lesser God…not bad, eh?  Platoon wins best picture.


Best Drama goes to L.A. Law?  Yikes.  At least The Golden Girls took best comedy.  I’m still torn over the age-old “Blanche or Rose?” quandry.  I lose sleep over it at times.

The Golden Girls, circa 1987


“Higher Love” by Steve Winwood wins record of the year.  I think I’ll stick with his Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and Blind Faith work.  Album of the year goes to Paul Simon’s solid Graceland.  Chevy Chase would claim full credit for the award.

World  News

Big stuff going on in ’87.  Iran-Contra affair is at its peak, Iraqi missles kill 37 in attack on the US Frigate Stark.  At least Saddam Hussein apologized.  I’m glad we were able to put all that behind us.  Elsewhere, the French finally got something right by sentencing notorious Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie to life in prison.  Too bad they’d banned the guillotine by that point.  Back home our Supreme Court handed down an equally significant, landmark ruling requiring Rotary Clubs to admit women.  And, of course, the little pick-me-up in pill form, Prozac, was releaed soon after (seriously, it was).


Finally, the topic you’ve all been waiting for, whether you knew it or not.  Okay, not really, we’re just talking about pageants here afterall.  The “classy” kind.  1987’s Miss America, Tennesse’s Kellye Cash, was actually the Grand-Niece of The Man in Black.  How about that?  Miss Universe went to Chile’s Cecillia Bolocco, and the Miss World pageant saw Ulla Wegerstorfer, of Austria, come out on top.  Funny how, in 1987, beauty queens looked a lot like elementary school teachers with pricey salon tabs and 3 too many layers of makeup.  Wow.

Miss America 1987: Kellye Cash Miss Universe 1987: Cecilia Bolocco Miss World 1987: Ulla Weigerstorfer

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    How in the world does Paul Simon win album of the year? I know Prince had something out.

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