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Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 12:38 pm ET

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Ready to have your answers questioned?  I know I am.  Lost returns tonight on ABC at 8p.m. eastern.  Is this really a tale of good vs. evil?  Who is Jacob really?  Is the other dude the smoke monster?  Will the detonation of the bomb really reset time?  Did the blast destroy the statue?  So many questions.

Normally I would think only more questions could come tonight.  However, this is the last season, they have to answer them now right?  RIGHT?!?!  Tonight, we begin to see if the payoff will be real or if this was all one very intricate joke played on us all(that watch).  If the latter is true, those who have no clue what the first paragraph is about, will have the last laugh.

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