MacGruber!!! *Updated w/ Trailer!*

Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 6:27 pm ET

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On April 23rd, the theatrical adaptation on SNL’s hits the big screen.  At first glance, I chalked this up to yet another failed attempt at making a 5 minute SNL sketch(30 second sketch in this case) into a full feature length flick.  Remember “The Ladies Man”?  “Coneheads”?? “A Night at the Roxbury”??? “It’s Pat”??!?!?!!  You remember them in theory, but I highly doubt you remember any lines or plots.  So of course I’m skeptical about this upcoming release.

However, there’s a couple things that are peaking my interest and have officially gotten me excited about MACRUBER!!  First of all, it’s being directed by SNL writer and member of Lonely Island, Jorma Taccone.  I’m a huge fan of the SNL Digital Shorts those guys do, in fact I DVR SNL just to fast forward til those digital shorts come up.  Secondly, Val Kilmer has been cast as the villain.  Enough said. Bill Hader, who is also in the movie, said he “read the script and it sounds like a hard-R comedy and it blew his mind”.  Also, there were recent screen tests and The Vertex had a breif review and said it’s the MacGruber is the “best SNL film since Wayne’s World back in 1992“. The icing on the cake for me is the picture below.  I mean seriously, that’s a friggin Miata with a LeBra!!!  I’m officially stoked for this movie.


Check out the Frump for one of my favorite MacGruber sketches AND NOW THE TRAILER!

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5 Responses to “MacGruber!!! *Updated w/ Trailer!*”

  1. Cochese Says:

    how dare you include Coneheads with those other shit-piles called ‘movies.’ 

    Coneheads was hilarious.

    Beldar Conehead: An owner’s manual to a Ford Lincoln Mercury Sable.
    Highmaster: Ford Lincoln Mercury Sable?
    Beldar Conehead: A personal conveyance named after its inventor, an assassinated ruler, a character from Greco-Roman myth and a small furry mammal.
    Highmaster: Ah.


  2. Charles Says:

    It’s pat was so weird, this one looks just as weird.

  3. Ciaran Says:

    Weird is so hot right now, though, yeah?

  4. Cochese Says:

    ok so that looks funny.

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