Matt Ryan might as well have hit the Powerball Jackpot…

Wed, May 21, 2008 at 12:19 am ET


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Atlanta just committed $72 million over 6 years to the #3 overall pick, $34.75 million of which is guaranteed.  That’s quite a lot of currency to toss at a guy that’s yet to throw a competitive professional pass, but then I guess that’s the way things fly these days.  The Raiders gave Jamarcus Russell $32 million guaranteed last year, though he went #1 overall.  Still, I have to wonder: Is Ryan simply Arthur Blank’s and the Falcons’ rebound after the devastating Mike Vick breakup?  Either way, somewhere Tom Condon is smiling.

Matt Ryan, upon hearing the good news

I’m open to the concept of Matt Ryan becoming a franchise caliber QB for the Falcons, I’m just not totally convinced by it.  Fortunately for Matt, I have absolutely no role whatsoever in the Falcons’ general management.  I mean, I know he’s got all the tools (just like Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch), it’s the stats that concern me.

Better as Face of the Eagles than Falcons?

I guess I just didn’t expect franchise QB’s to look like this on paper.  Don’t get me wrong, I obviously don’t think 31 TD’s and over 4,500 yards as a Senior in the ACC, albeit a relatively down ACC, is anything to scoff at.  But what about those 19 Int’s?  Or the fact that two of his worst games statistically came against UMass and a 5-7 N.C. State? I have no doubt Matt Ryan is an NFL QB, but the QB for your franchise? The “Face of the Falcons” descision, and subsequent $34.75 in guaranteed money, is just a bit of an enigma to me, and it will be interesting to see if this relationship leaves Atlanta with yet another broken heart.  Time will tell, and I guess I wouldn’t be shocked if Ryan proves me wrong, but please don’t hold your breath (I know I won’t be).

Another big winner in this monster deal?  How about Super Agent Tom Condon.  Last time I checked, the standard agent’s fee in the NFL was 3%.  That’s a nice little guaranteed pay day for Mr. Condon, and don’t forget he’ll be getting 3% of the non-guaranteed money as well (assuming Ryan doesn’t get cut within the next 6 years).  Condon also handled #1 pick Jake “Banana Hands” Long’s deal with the Phins.  Long landed $30 million guaranteed in a 5 year, 57.5 million deal to help pad Condon’s coffers (Tom will of course end up making more off his clients’ endorsements than his 3% agent’s fee).  So yeah, I wish I was a connected sports agent, but happy to know I don’t have to glad hand Jake Long on a regular basis.

Jake Long, moments before he applied the bear hug...


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One Response to “Matt Ryan might as well have hit the Powerball Jackpot…”

  1. Jrock Says:

    I do not understand this at all. I didn’t know Russell got that much either. It always seems like the late round picks become better NFL players, so I don’t get paying an unproven college star a lot of money. It’s too much speculation and risk for me.

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