McAfee Fail.

Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 2:29 pm ET

Kissed With Apocalypse, The Rest

Frumped by

The good news: McAfee released an update for all Windows XP operating systems today. The bad news: It rendered computers worldwide useless.

Firm numbers have not been released yet, however estimations are in the millions. That’s bad for business. These aren’t your grandmother’s computers keeping her from attempting to retrieve that birthday e-card over dialup either. These are serious systems. Engadget reports the affected range from Intel facilities to Dish Network call centers(and many in between).

I’m not going to turn this into a dork debate(you can feel free to start that in the comments btw), however I will say I’m happy to be typing this story on my MacBook. Check out the press release from McAfee after the frump.

McAfee is aware that a number of customers have incurred a false positive error due to incorrect malware alerts on Wednesday, April 21. The problem occurs with the 5958 virus definition file (DAT) that was released on April 21 at 2.00 PM GMT+1 (6am Pacific Time).

Our initial investigation indicates that the error can result in moderate to significant performance issues on systems running Windows XP Service Pack 3.

The faulty update has been removed from McAfee download servers for corporate users, preventing any further impact on those customers. We are not aware of significant impact on consumer customers and believe we have effectively limited such occurrence.

McAfee teams are working with the highest priority to support impacted customers and plan to provide an update virus definition file shortly. McAfee apologizes for any inconvenience to our customers

Btw, Engadget also reports this affects SP2 as well. Thanks to “lilpistolstarta” for the heads up.

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