Meet “Burger Girl”: She Wants You to Burn Her Vagina

Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 4:59 pm ET

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Burger Girl's new single Kiss LamourWe don’t typically try to, I suppose, “question” musical ventures here at Frumpzilla. The art form is so subjective, you know — so deeply personal in nature for so many. Who is Frump, after all, to callously pass judgment on one’s passionate outpouring of acutely intimate creative expression?

That said, to be fair, I guess we may or may not have made some exceptions to this general rule in the past.

There was that “Miracles” song from Insane Clown Posse. Oh, and their follow-up single, “Juggalo Island.” Then there was DJ Felli Fells’ “I Wanna Get Drunk,” which was interesting. And the Crop Circle Song. And those cute little kids — not to mention Trevor Sayers — reminding us of how important it is to respect and obey authority.  So, yeah, I guess we’re not saintly, okay?

Anyway, notwithstanding the above confessions, it’s not necessarily our intent to disparage Benjamin Dukhan’s “Burger Girl” alter-ego here. Think of it more as a plea. A plea to, I guess, “understand” just what the hell he’s on about. Or even just on. Baby steps, you know…

Perhaps Benjamin Dukhan’s  MySpace page — under user “Spermburger” — may shed some light on Burger Girl’s inspiration:

Who is The Burger Girl ?

Burger Girl is sexy. Burger Girl has a beard.

Burger Girl can’t help herself.

Benjamin Dukhan has taken part in contemporary dance performances for a few years. His latest shows, How Beautiful and XXXXXX Peladan , were staged extensively in Parisian appartments and art galleries. After stepping into the world of fashion modeling (JP Gaultier, Yoji Yamamoto, Wad Magazine, etc…) it was quite naturally that Ben met his lighter alter ego, Burger Girl.

Burger Girl is constantly torn between the spiritual and the sexual. She sees the link between them, even though she is often mistaken for a dirty freak. Burger Girl is an airhead with a conscience.

She also gives amazing juicy-spermy performances.

Watch out for the Burger Girl!

Foiled again? Well, I’m personally hoping this is some sort of satire — that would be pretty awesome, I guess. Until we know for sure, however, at least we have two tracks in addition to “Burn My Vagina” to help us suss out just what the fuck is going on — here’s “Juicy Spermy” and the relatively tame “Kiss Lamour.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any insight into what makes all this worth the production costs of the YouTube videos, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Seriously, enlighten us.

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