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Thu, May 15, 2008 at 2:50 pm ET

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Filthy as sin, and 100% Dawg.  If this reel is a bit dirty in general, and I posit that it is, then things regress to absolute squalor around the 1:45 mark.  Nasty! I just hope that poor kid can walk again one day.  More after the jump…

If you’re anything like me, college football season can’t come soon enough.  We’re in a bit of a “dead zone” at the moment, a zone far far away from the end of August.  Spring games wrapped up long ago, and, unless your team is blazing up the 2009 recruiting trail already, or happens to be those water lizards from down in Gainesville (see Jamar Hornsby, Matt Patchan, et al), there’s really not much of general note going on at the moment.

Lucky for me, my beloved Dawgs are already raking in the blue chippers for their 2009 class, and at an alarming rate to boot.  Georgia isn’t letting the fact that they’re a bit short schollied this year hamper their recruiting efforts.  Richt and company apparently know exactly what they want, and are getting it, for the most part.

Washaun Ealey is just one of 11 commits Georgia has piled up from the 2009 class, and, though his commitment isn’t exactly news (he’s been a Dawg for awhile now), I imagine many non-Dawgs and general CFB fans alike haven’t had the pleausre of seeing him in action.

Scout has him as a 4 star, as does Rivals, and he’s generally ranked at around the 10th best back in the 2009 class.  I tell you what though, I have to think that Washaun may be a victim of circumstance.  He plays Class A ball in Georgia, so the competition may not be as stellar, but if there are really 10 or more better backs in the 2009 class, color me surprised.

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4 Responses to “Meet Washaun Ealey…”

  1. cochese Says:

    Is his high school running the wing-T?

  2. Ciaran Says:

    Looks like it, and not particularly out of the ordinary.  The school that won 5A last year, Lowndes County, runs a Wing-T type offense as well.  I saw them beat the mess out of a team running a Spread/West Coast hybrid sort of thing.  It was embarrassing.

    Lowndes has won 3 State titles since 2004.

  3. cochese Says:

    you know you have a football problem when you instantly recognize high school offensive schemes and really want to debate the merits of each.


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