Meet Wenlock and Mandeville: 2012 London Olympic mascots

Thu, May 20, 2010 at 9:43 am ET

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London unveiled their Olympic mascots yesterday. That’s really all I should have to write and you could infer the rest by simply staring at the picture. However, that’s not the effort that earns me 20 dollars every 3 months from this site so I SHALL PUSH ON!!!

There were some great ideas on the table as London chose their Olympic mascot; a Big-Ben with arms and legs, giant pigeons(from Trafalgar Square), and an animated tea-pot. Then there was this idea. “Two futuristic, magical beings”, as described by the creator. These non-gendered cyclopses were created to be endearing to children and promote at least $25 million in sales of stuffed animals, posters, and more before the games kick off in 2012. Although if I’m sleeping in a crib(you can never rule it out) I don’t think that’s the first thing I want staring at me when I wake up during a lightning storm.

Those giant cyclops eyeballs? They’re meant to refer to the digital age of webcams, iphones, and cameras. Yes, in a country that has been under scrutiny by it’s citizens due to their excessive use of cameras on streets as surveillance, the natural choice is to make giant cameras the world renowned symbol of the 2012 Olympic games in their most famous city. There are also rumors that the mascots themselves will be equipped with cameras for when they’re walking around at the games. Brilliant.

The implication that there will be customizable options for these mascots when you purchase has already inspired many parodies across Britain. London has stuck with the not-so-well received logo(reasons may be inferred by viewing the creatively colored logo below), so you can pretty much assume Wenlock and Mandeville, the 2012 Olympic cyclop spies are here to stay.

2012 London Olympic Logo - Lisa Simpson

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9 Responses to “Meet Wenlock and Mandeville: 2012 London Olympic mascots”

  1. Cochese Says:

    it looks like they are doing a dance from a Ludacris music video

  2. Larry H Says:

    HEy there great shot of them and yea maby from his “stand up” video anyway i liked the “a Big-Ben with arms and legs, giant pigeons(from Trafalgar Square), and an animated tea-pot.” i woulda loved to see a teapot mascot that would have been such jokes

  3. The Forex Robot Says:

    Ummmm,not so sure about this mascot idea. A cyclops has never had an endearing persona except for the minions in the movie, Despicable Me. I don’t get it. They are creepy and mutant looking. And I don’t see anything in them that has to do with London.They look more like a Forex Robot than an Olympic mascot. Please, say it ain’t so.

  4. Herber Says:

    Those really are creepy. First thing I thought of when I saw the picture was “how cute, London is redesigning the CCTV system”. I guess it could be worse, they could sing and dance like some other “creatures” I see on the TV…

  5. Bill Basset Says:

    Wenlock and Mandeville looks creepy, but I think nothing wrong being mascots in the olympics

  6. phoebejames Says:

    ohhh, such cuties..

  7. Susana S. Kurtz Says:

    They look creepy alright. I personally don’t think younger tots will fancy these creatures. Can’t they come up with something better for the coming Olympics??

  8. karen Says:

    These mascots really looks a little bit creepy, but i guess, we should give them a chance to prove themselves for the Olympics. or should we?

  9. jerome Says:

    Mascot is just there to provide amusement, it will not matter anymore if they will be creepy or not when it comes to Olympics proper..

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