Miami Heat Forfeit Rest of the Season And Let Fans Start

Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 10:15 pm ET


Frumped by

Miami Heat

Riley turns off Heat to get more lotto balls.

Frump (AweP)-The Miami Heat have officially mailed in their cereal box top for the Michael Beasley sweepstakes. The Heat lost by 42 points to the Toronto Raptors. In response to the roundball flogging a stone cold Chris Bosh said, “You don’t get anywhere in this world by having sympathy, especially not in the NBA.” There’s certainly no sympathy in Miami. Head coach and GM Pat Riley cannot even bear to watch the struggling Heat.

Riley made up a convenient excuse of scouting to avoid coaching. The MIA coach has even given his battered starters an early vacation as he starts a band of players that are worthy of a “Who He Play For” segment on Inside the NBA. The Heat are terrible. I haven’t seen a team this terrible since the Clippers or Mavericks in the 90’s. This is not good for the Heat owners. The team resides in a fickle sports town that is known to have scores of empty seats during losing streaks and bored fans playing on Blackberries during winning streaks. 

It’s amazing that the Heat were only able to score 54 points against the Raptors. You would think Ricky “Get Buckets” Davis could have gotten 40 points by just ball hogging. In words of the Chuckster, Rony Seikaley is rolling over in his grave. Riles better stock up on pomeade and man tan lotion. It’s going to be a long…summer on South Beach. 

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4 Responses to “Miami Heat Forfeit Rest of the Season And Let Fans Start”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Any article that contains a reference to Rony Seikaly is alright in my book.  For one, he’s Lebanese.  So that’s cool; B, he was a solid, underappreciated player; and III, it gives me a convenient excuse to post pictures of his ex-wife, Elsa Benitez…

    Rony, how do you sleep?

  2. Jrock Says:

    Cougar alert. I’ll holla.

  3. BigAlatUNC Says:

    Losing Shaq certaining didn’t help. What were they thinking?

  4. Jrock Says:

    They wanted to get rid of the Diesel’s big-baller contract. Besides, he was not very motivated in MIA. Perhaps, it was the divorce or Riles sending the Heat’s role players packing.

    Shaq was a convenient excuse for their terrible play. Now, they have to own up to their flaws without Shaq and move forward.

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