Mizzou really hates to go 3 and Out

Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 12:03 pm ET

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Chase Daniel of the Missouri Tigers So I was in court the other day, on the good side, and one of my colleagues, who happens to be a Mizzou fan, dropped an insane stat bombshell on me:  Missouri’s offense, through its first five games of the 2008 College Football season, has yet to go 3 and out. 

Now, obviously, I found that claim to be a bit suspect.  Just sounds a bit too implausible to swallow without at least a couple grains of salt.  I didn’t let on, of course, “wow, that’s kinda crazy”, and I had no basis to object, so I decided to investigate matters for myself before passing judgment.

Well, I examined the drive summaries for Missouri’s games, and was shocked to find that this claim is, as a matter of fact, true…if you allow for one, minor, caveat. Remarkably, there have been no 3 and outs for Chase Daniel and the Tigers’ offense on the year against D-I competition.  Given the Tigers’ schedule, that would include Illinois, Nevada, Buffalo, and, of course, the hapless Nebraska Cornhuskers.  However, Mizzou has also played I-AA (I refuse to call it by the new name) Southeast Missouri State this year, and somehow managed to go 3 and out twice against what we must assume to be a very stout Redhawks defense. 

So, as long as you’re willing to let a lower class gaffe slide, I’m willing to decree that Missouri’s offense having yet to go 3 and out (against D-I competition) this season is truly one of the most ridiculous College Football statistics I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  Just how good are these guys?  #17 Oklahoma State and #5 Texas, over the next two weeks, may help us find out.  I may tune in for no other reason than to simply see when this 3 and out streak ends…


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