Nate’s Hungry:  A Pack v. Heels Prediction

Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 3:11 pm ET

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There are few things in the world more satisfying to me than seeing a Heel suffer (after a sports defeat, of course).  To all of my blue-brainwashed friends, I am sorry.  Not really.  And whether they want to admit it or not, they hate NC State.  And I love it!  So at high noon on Saturday, November 22nd, this rivalry will be renewed in front of the comatose crowd (except for the RED) in Kenan Stadium.  Prediction after the jump, and as always…..GO TO HELL CAROLINA!! 

As biased as I may be, I will approach this objectively.  I will also, ultimately, choose the Pack.  I mean, come on, we’re just a MUCH better team.  In all seriousness…SUCK IT, HEELS!  WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  YEA!!!!!!  Sorry.

The Heels, while enjoying a great year so far, have made a living off of bullsh#t non-offensive touchdowns.  TJ Yates was having a solid year before his injury, but Good Lord, don’t say a word about injuries.  State’s starters have missed approximately 70 games due to injuries this year.  Cameron Sexton has filled in admirably for the Heels and is certainly more mobile, but he’s no Yates.  The Heels’ D has been solid all year but has been marched on (and here).  I know I’m reaching, but the point is, if you don’t turn it over against the Heels, you can put up enough points.  The Heels’ WRs are very good.  And Hakeem Nicks is as good a receiver as I’ve seen all year, save Michael Crabtree.  Motivation:  A slim, slim, slim chance at Tampa and a win over the Pack.  That being said……

Russell Wilson


Nate Irving

This has been stated ad nauseam, but the presence of Russell Wilson, QB, and Nate Irving, LB, makes A WORLD of difference for the Pack.  And it has shown the past two weeks.  State’s D has not been good this year but has been good enough THE LAST TWO WEEKS.  State’s running game has not been good this year but has been more than adequate THE LAST TWO WEEKS.  Notice a pattern here?  Everything has changed recently for the Pack.  For the most part, everyone’s healthy, Russell has some experience, and the team is gaining confidence.  Every single position group for the Pack has improved as the season has progressed.  And the Pack has the momentum advantage after the Heels’ loss to Maryland last Saturday.  Oh, and Russell Wilson and Nate Irving are badasses.  Motivation:  A bowl game and a win over the Heels.

What will Happen:

  1.  The reported attendance will be far less than the actual attendance (omitting the large number of State fans);

  2.  The Pack will turn it over only once which may or may not lead to points for the Sheep;

  3.  The Pack will rush for ~150 yards with Russell leading the way;

  4.  Jamelle Eugene, State’s starting RB, will lead the team in receptions and reception yardage;

  5.  Russell will throw for 190 yards, rush for 50 and account for two scores;

  6.  Nate will record 11 tackles, 2 for loss and 1 sack and will crap thunder somewhere in the process;

  7.  The Heels will score 20 points, and I don’t really give a sh#t how they do it;

  8.  The Pack’s D will bend violently but not break;

  9.  The officiating crew will be horrendous;

10.  The Pack will win 23-20; and

11.  I will dance like no one’s watching!



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7 Responses to “Nate’s Hungry:  A Pack v. Heels Prediction”

  1. B Diddy Says:

    [Doc]LAY SOME WOOD ON EM!!!!!!!!!![/Doc]

  2. Cochese Says:

    if NCSU does not give up the garbage TD – pick six, short field on TO, blocked punt, etc…I think they will win.  that said, DB’s better be on their game vs. Nicks. 

    ps…cant get enough of seeing Dexter Reid getting drilled.  that guy is a huge douche.

  3. coco Says:

    oh please.  the heels are gonna dominate and you know this!

  4. The GingerHead Man Says:

    Yea, a bottle of Barefoot Cab in the hospital parking deck.

  5. B Diddy Says:


  6. Ciaran Says:

    Hahaha. Wow, that last comment by the Spotter got me good.  That also may be the greatest avatar I’ve ever seen.  Ever.

  7. The GingerHead Man Says:

    My prediction was way off.  Oops.

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