NBA Jam is Back!!

Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 4:45 pm ET

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NBA Jam for Wii

EA sports announced earlier this month that it would be resurrecting the the ‘NBA Jam’ franchise and that it would be released exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii.  In other news, I will be buying a Wii in the not-so-distant future.  Yesterday, images leaked of the Wii version out in the wild.

NBA Jam for Wii

The first screenshot really excites me, it really seems like a modern version of the old game.  It also doesn’t seem to get too graphic crazy which I like.  IMO, it would be perfect if it were just a HD, crisp, clear version of the original.  The second shot makes me a bit skeptical.  I don’t want these crazy new graphical scenes that will really just break up the gameplay.  I’m also not really a gamer…my PS3 is mainly used for Rock Band, Blu-Ray, and Netflix.  I will probably get a Wii if it means I could recreate intense matchups like the one below!  How bout you?

(Kudos to The Koalition for the leaked images!)

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7 Responses to “NBA Jam is Back!!”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Finally a reason to play with your Wii without having to worry about the hassle of other people…

  2. B Diddy Says:

    Yeah, people are the worst.

  3. Anonymous Says:

  4. Jonathan Bentz Says:

    Too often the best sports games are being taken AWAY from Wii because they are too difficult to recreate (my best example for this is EA’s NCAA franchise). It’s nice to know that there is a sports game coming to the Wii – exclusively – that a sports fan would actually be excited to play. Don’t get me wrong – everyone loves Wii Sports, but it’ll be nice to have a quality sports title that is “one-playerable.”

  5. Ciaran Says:

    Thanks for commenting, Jonathan. Frumpzilla is a DoFollow blog, by the way, so you shall be rewarded for your efforts ;).

    An updated Tecmo Bowl in the same vein of this NBA Jam would have been an ideal fit for the Wii, but a stripped down version went to the DS instead; not to mention EA’s exclusive NFL license barring fans from the luxury of real teams and players.

    After years of being an EA devotee, I’m starting to think of them as the evil empire of sports gaming. As their recent efforts display, IMO, their monopoly on the “real” football market has really demonstrated the value of economic and creative competition. Not that Madden and NCAA have been particularly bad, mind you; I just think EA has made very few strides over the last few years…but then why should they?

  6. Matt LaCasse Says:

    Strap on the awesome pants. First screen shots of the new NBA Jam have leaked!

  7. Adam Bezdicek Says:

    RT @MattLaCasse: Strap on the awesome pants. First screen shots of the new NBA Jam have leaked!

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