No Use Crying Over Spilled…..Coco

Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 4:05 pm ET


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From the outfield acrobatics to the fidgety, fidgety, fidgety fingers to the fists of fury, this Red Sox guy will miss you, Coco.  Even though you went through slumps that the little-league mouth-breathing moron in right field never encountered, I’ll miss you.  Even though Jacoby “I’m Going to Plow, Plow, Plow Boston to the Ground Over the Next 10 Years” Ellsbury had to bail you out in the playoffs last year, I’ll miss you (You actually bailed Jacoby out this year–not that it mattered).  In all seriousness, you are one of the greatest DEFENSIVE center fielders I’ve ever seen.  So, here’s to you, Coco.  I’ll miss you.  Trade analysis after the jump.

Obviously, I’m late in my response to this, but the Sox received Ramon Ramirez, RHP, in the deal.  I have to admit, I don’t know much about him, but he did play for the Royals last year.  That means Peter Gammons and every other baseball analyst doesn’t know much about him either.  From what the numbers tell me, Theo’s done it again.  Three things:

1.  This is a great move for the Sox as they get another power arm to place in the bullpen.  This also gives them the flexibility to start Justin Masterson, and hopefully, I’ll never see Mike Timlin again.

2.  Let’s just go ahead and hand the centerfield keys to Ellsbury.  Hopefully, when he comes up for air in his pool full of LLLLLLLLLLLLLADIES, he can play a little ball.  Full time.  AND

3.  Ramirez is four years from arbitration.  Nuff said on that point.

So, I bid you adieu, Coco.  You’ll always be a Red Sock (Is that the correct term there?  I’ve never really understood that.  The singular seems ridiculous.  Evs) in my book. 

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2 Responses to “No Use Crying Over Spilled…..Coco”

  1. B Diddy Says:

    I’ll miss you too DS!

  2. The GingerHead Man Says:

    Did Shields telegraph that one or what?  Loser.

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