Norv does it again – observations from the Jets-Chargers *UPDATE – TURNER SIGNED TO EXTENSION*

Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 9:36 am ET


Frumped by

way to go, Norv

Norv Turner, once again, proves how easy it is to squander talent.  Notes from the game:

  • Chargers came out on fire, but failed to capitalize with points.  Credit the Jets D, they kept Rex and Dirty in the game with some crucial stops early on.
  • Kaeding does it again…best regular season kicker of all time.  Watching the game, you just knew he was going to be King Shank all day.
  • The Chargers D clearly missed their Pro-Bowler in the middle, Jamal Williams.

    jamal williams

    From halftime on, Damien Woody owned the center of the Bolts’ D-line, the crucial spot for any 3-4 defense.

  • Rivers probably made the worst throw of his career on the INT with his back on the goal line.  Its hard for this homer place any blame on the receivers  (I tried). The whole play looked completely out of sync.  Why didnt Gates even look back for the ball?
  • Reality – LT is done.

    darren sproles

    He has become a non-factor; a liability in the fact that his being on the field keeps one of the most dynamic Charger players off of it, Darren Sproles. During Michael Turner’s last year in San Diego, a fellow Charger fan and I mused that the best move was probably to trade LT and re-sign Turner…ATL was desperate for a new face at that time and LT would have fit that bill perfectly.  Fast forward and we look like geniuses.  This GM thing aint that hard…

  • Norv Turner again proves that he is incapable of adjusting his game plan as the game dictates.  The first quarter and half showed that Norv is fairly decent at crafting a plan of attack…the final two quarters showed he is absolutely inept at making the adjustments necessary to beat teams in playoff time.  While Rex poked and prodded, Norv stubbornly stuck to his guns and the Jets D beasted the Chargers.  It was pretty obvious to anyone watching that the Jets were dictating the flow of the game…the obvious move for MOST coaches would’ve been to lean on your Pro Bowl QB and throw in some hurry up or no-huddle, to speed up to the plodding pace of the game to try and tire the depleted Jets D line.  Again, MOST coaches.
  • A final example of Norv’s coaching prowess is the shear number of stupid penalties (10 for 87 yards) amassed by the Chargers.  Penalties are a direct result of coaching…something NC STATE fans can identify with.  In the playoffs, you cannot shoot yourself in the foot with personal fouls and expect to beat a D like the Jets.
  • Shout to Shonn Greene – beast of a runner.   The Bolts had no answer in the second half.
  • San Diego probably has one or two more years in their ‘window.’  Lucky for them, their division is weak sauce. If they are serious about a Super Bowl, I am convinced they cant do it with Norv.  The next few weeks will be telling if the front office agrees or not.


The news out of San Diego is that Norv has been signed to a contract extension through 2013.

I guess regular season mastery of a weak division warrants a raise.  Cant say I understand this move…IMO, it speaks more to the available candidates than Norv himself.

– Chese

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