Now we know why those SEC defenses are so damn good…

Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 12:25 am ET

College Football, Kissed With Apocalypse

Frumped by

All sorts of of help from the refs.  Too many men on the field?  Okay, I’ll stop.  Seriously, though, what the hell?  Apparently this infamous zebra, one Penn Wagers (he has a history…), has already been cleared of any wrongdoing for his brutal take down of USC East QB Stephen Garcia, making his first career start no less, in the Cocks showdown with LSU last Saturday in Columbia.  Getting cleared by the SEC doesn’t necessarily mean much, unfortunately, but even the Old Ball Coach himself has let this thing go, which I guess says a lot. 

This is still a head scracher for me, however, not to mention a gut wrencher in terms of laughter.  I posit that there are NCAA scholarship linebackers with weaker strafe technique than that displayed by Wagers here.  Remarkable.  To add insult injury, South Carolina lost 24-17…

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