One of life’s great questions, answered

Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 8:30 am ET

Pop Rocks

Frumped by

mary ann mugshot

Who would you rather nail?  Ginger or Mary Ann? 

For some of us, the answer has been painfully obvious since the first time we watched the S.S Minnow go down Linda Lovelace style.  For the rest, the arrest of Dawn Wells a.k.a “Mary Ann” for smoking weed like a Compton gangster while driving should be the clincher.  Not only was she hot in the girl-next-door kinda way, she was no where near the maintenance level of Ginger.  Mary Ann would not be afraid to drink some beers and catch a game on TV with you and your buddies.  Most likely, she would whip your ass at pool.  She doesnt really care about materialistic things.  More importantly, part of me always suspected a party girl side.  A “freak in the sheets” side.  A side that was probably pretty open to some sweet girl-on-girl and girl-girl-me action. The pot bust does nothing but encourage that possibility in my eyes.  Especially since she was evidently burning one down after another as the officer found 4 half-smoked joints when he searched the car. 

All said, Dawn…hollar at your boy.  I dont care if you did just turn 69.  As far as I am concerned, that is the perfect number.

– chese

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6 Responses to “One of life’s great questions, answered”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Finally I can sleep at night!  I’ve always been a bit of a Mary Anne man myself, but then…
    Of course, Ginger isn’t 69. . .she’s 74.  It’s a tough call, but I think I’m gonna stick with Mary Anne based on Cochese’s argument.  She obviously has a great personality, and that goes a long way. Nicely done, sir.  cool smile

  2. dick face Says:

    pornstar looking fag named cochese can have her rank ass. she looks f’n disgusting to me. gross. guess you’ll be pounding it home with a compton gangster.

  3. Cochese Says:

    dont hate on the ‘stache.  that ‘stache has seen more trim of all ages than the number of times your right hand has serviced that pathetic pecker of yours while playing world of warcraft.  cheerio!

  4. dick face Says:

    harry balls do not count as trim. hope you’ve enjoyed having all ages of little boys nuts and grandpa balls deep in your throat. cheerio duche bag!

  5. Cochese Says:

    not surprisingly, you fail to put your real email address.  pussy.

  6. Jrock Says:

    Ginger has been under the knife.

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