Over/Under on when Bobby Knight drops an F-Bomb, or wears a suit, on national television?

Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 8:46 pm ET

College Basketball

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If exchanges like this prove regular, we’re putting the number at 3 weeks, or basically the date of the NCAA championship game. That’s for the F-Bomb by the way, the line on the suit prop is off…

It’s a foregone conclusion that Knight will eventually, “accidentally”, employ the “F” word in his new job as an ESPN analyst.  It’s just a matter of when.  If he had to work with Vitale regularly, we obviously wouldn’t be able to have this contest.  Knight would have “resigned” long ago.  But now that the Tournament is here, and thus Vitale should be around a lot more, things could get interesting in a hurry.

Seriously, how many F-Bombs did Bobby drop in his head while listening to Vitale there?  I’m guessing at least 3; one for each time he sunk further down in his chair, obviously kicking himself for taking this gig with ESPN.  Have you ever seen Bobby more emotionally broken?  If his hands weren’t above the table, I’d be certain he was working on a noose. All that said, the over/under specifically requires audible F-Bombs for action, the specific marker being the conclusion of ESPN’s post-championship game analysis show.  I’m in on the Under.

Now, as for the suit, unfortunately we can’t run that one, ’cause it’ll never happen.  Might as well wager on whether the Heels will lose in the 1st round.  But how great is it that Bobby apparently refuses to dress professionally for this gig?  There’s a lot of things I love about Bobby Knight.  I love this.  I really love this.  And these 10 things are classic.  But the inaudible F-Bomb (you) that Bobby has dropped on ESPN by refusing to don business atire takes the cake for me. 

From someone that does have to wear a suit 5 days a week, Bobby Knight, you’re my hero.  At least til 8:15 tomorrow morning…

Bobby Knight gave up on suits, gave us all a break after this unfortunate incident

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