Post Elite Eight Bracket Contest Standings Update

Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 10:34 pm ET

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Disaster for Brian Krams, our leader going into the Elite Eight games, as none of his three remaining Final Four picks (Kansas State, Kentucky, and Baylor) managed to stick around.  He won’t be the only disappointed entrant, of course, because the vast majority of our contest’s brackets are now mathematically different.  Before a couple more quick notes and full standings (after the jump), here’s the Top 10 11.

  1. Amelia Hayes # (WVU): 117
  2. Jared Johnson: 117
  3. Sarah Otvos # (Duke): 116
  4. Justin Anderson: 113
  5. Andy Hummel: 111
  6. Whit Rawls # (WVU): 107
  7. Janet Mullaney*: 107
  8. Billy Purdy*: 106
  9. Justin Smith: 104
  10. Nina and Scout: 104
  11. Robert DuPrau*: 104

We’re gonna be using some funny looking symbols from here on out.  Here’s the key:

* Bracket can no longer score

# Bracket’s championship pick is still alive (pick in parentheses)

(Brackets with no notation can still score, but their championship pick has been eliminated)

First off, congratulations to Bill Purdy, the only entrant that had Butler in the Final Four.  In another unique bracket, Carolina Davina stands alone as the sole contestant with Michigan State not just making the Final Four, but actually winning the whole damn thing.  Unfortunately, unless my math is wrong (quite possible), I think Ms. Davila, like Mr. Purdy, may still be mathematically eliminated from prize contention.  Nevertheless, forecasting those two rather long shots in the Final Four is certainly something to boast about.

Now for the full standings, and, as you’ll surely deduce, there’s only a handful of brackets left that have legitimate shots at getting their hands on some Dick Towels, Canes Tickets and Target gift cards.

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  1. Bronce McClain Says:

    RT @YieldToFrump: Amelia Hayes now leads our bracket contest. Bill Purdy only entrant to have Butler in the Final Four. Full standings

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