Presenting your 1st-team All-ACC QB and ACC Champion Yellow Jackets!

Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 11:12 am ET

College Football

Frumped by

Jonathan Nesbitt

Nesbitt had a GAUDY night…

2-9 for 12 yards, 1 int

20 carries 46 yards, 2.3 per carry


155 Total Yards


more after the Frump…

Paul Johnson

The ACC, again, got man-handled, dominated and throughly beat up by a better, more prepared foe in a bowl game.  GT proved, again, that given extra time to prepare, decent defenses can completely shut them down.  For all of you PJ lovers, you cannot ignore the fact that EVERY TIME a team has a bye week before they play GT or extended period (bowl practices) they dominate the Jackets.  Yes, his offense will most likely always put up decent regular season numbers and his teams will constantly win 7+ games, but they will never reach the next level.  If you are happy with that, so be it.  Some are…just admit it and quit selling the “genius” of Paul Johnson.  He runs a completely unorthodox system that is unlike anyone else’s in the modern game and thus, difficult to prepare for.  If we were still playing without facemasks in leather helmets and smoking on the sidelines, he would be average, at best. 

Further, Nesbitt as the best QB in the ACC is a complete joke.  Disregarding the fact that Russell Wilson is easily the best at his position in the conference, Nesbitt enjoyed the benefit of playing on a winning team.  Why should a team’s record ever influence an individual award?  I have yet to hear a reasonable response from any of the talking heads to this point.  Several others in the ACC I would argue are much better QBs…Wilson, Lewis, Ponder, Parker and Skinner just off the top of my head, are guys I would rather have.  College awards are mostly a joke, a fact reinforced by Mr. Nesbitt’s vote in the ACC (and dont get me started on the Heisman and Mr. Suh).

Finally, its time to admit how embarrasingly bad the ACC has become.  We are soft.  We dont play defense.  We dont control the line of scrimmage.  Our winner’s constantly underwelm and under-perform on the national level.  We are easily behind the SEC, PAC-10, Big 10 and Big XII (in that order), and are just barely ahead of the Big East.      

Get your shit together ACC!  The Chese has had enough.  I am starring at YOU Tom O’Brien.  This joke of a conference is ripe for the picking. 


Here are some “highlights” of the game last night…see if you can keep up how many involve our 1st-team all-ACC QB 


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