Rick Ankiel: Laser, Rocket Arm

Wed, May 7, 2008 at 9:45 pm ET


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Step aside Peyton, otherwise Mr. Ankiel might take your head off.  If you didn’t catch Rick “Wild Thing” Ankiel’s assists from last night against the Rockies, do yourself a favor and check out the videos/links below.  For a guy that probably couldn’t hit a catcher’s mitt from 60’6″ to save himself from castration, he sure does have an uncanny knack for nailing runners at 3rd; from, ohhh, say 300′-350′.  Ironic I suppose, and yet oddly ammusing, not to mention jaw dropping.  I mean, Taveras isn’t exactly Adam Dunn running the bases out there. 

The YouTube video is simply here for effect.  MLB.com has a much more crisp, full flavored version.  I recommend the latter.  Enjoy.

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