Somebody Done Gone and Sucked Her Brain Out

Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 7:20 pm ET

Kissed With Apocalypse, The Rest

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So, I’m not sure when this happened, but one thing is certain.  North Carolina’s public school system is in shambles, and Kellie Pickler, American Idol contestant turned country artist, is the proof.  Pleas for help and possible explanations after the jump.

Please, President-Elect Obama, save my beloved state’s schools!  I mean, bless her heart.  Let me try to think through this.  She thinks Europe is a country, she doesn’t think France is a country, and her answer is France.  Nevermind.

There are several possible explanations for this:

1.  She’s an alien,

2.  She skipped 1st-12th grades to work on her “music”,

3.  She’s dumb as rocks, or

4.  She’s actually from South Carolina

At least she’s easy on the eyes, Frumpsters.  Because dumb and ugly is a deadly combination.


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4 Responses to “Somebody Done Gone and Sucked Her Brain Out”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    It’s true, dumb and ugly is indeed a deadly combination…and yet I live with it everyday.

  2. B Diddy Says:

    i CHOOSE to believe it’s an act.  Although, sweet ass prom dress Kellie!
    no html?

  3. Ciaran Says:

    Oh dear, do I see what I think I see in that pic?

  4. B Diddy Says:

    nope, i think that’s just a shadow.

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