So…you think you are a badass?

Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 4:05 pm ET

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I guarantee you got nothing on the dude after the jump…

A 40-year-old British Royal Marine saved the lives of about 130 of his comrades in Afghanistan on November 19th by being nothing short of a fearless badass.  A young Taliban suicide bomber drove his motorcycle into a crowded area of British troops and attempted to set off a 70 kg bomb (big fucking bomb in American) that wouldve destroyed “everything within 180m” (bigger than a football field in American) and killing nearly all of the soldiers within that radius. 

The first charge failed to detonate and the alert soldier heard the familiar ‘click’ of a detonator and sprung into action.  He “rugby tackled” the suicide bomber (I prefer an American football visual, but nonetheless you get the picture) off the motorcycle, keeping the bastard from triggering the second device. 

Doesnt get more badass than this dude…launching himself at some maniac holding the trigger of a huge suicide bomb that could go off at any second without a second thought.  Obviously the Brits didnt have this guy during the Revolution or we would all have bad teeth, drink tea instead of coffee and wear monicles like Mr. Peanut.  Allow me to express my admiration and thanks with this nice picture of American tittays.

american tittays



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One Response to “So…you think you are a badass?”

  1. The GingerHead Man Says:

    Not too shabby for a Brit.  Although, Brits did turn Elijah Wood into a badass in that “futbol” movie about West Ham. 

    I’ve been blooooowing bubbles!

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