SURPRISE! Woman with last name of ‘Spears’ is an idiot

Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 2:29 pm ET


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Luckily for the before-pictured bald bombshell, there is apparently another lady in our great nation named Spears, whose IQ rivals that of your garden-variety candied yam…

Apparently, this woman lives under a huge sound-proof rock. 


Time to cull the herd, people.  

Not only did she wipe out her husband’s retirement account, she re-mortgaged her house and took a new lien out on her vehicle…to the tune of $400, 000 dollar-bucks.  Thats “$texas” to some of you.  All for that same tired email scam that claims you are the long lost cousin’s baby mama/daddy to someone or something and you stand to inherit unimaginable riches…the only thing you have to do is send a small amount for ‘fees’ or cash one of their checks and mail them back some amount, etc…and the rest is yours.  You will be swimming in a tower of cash, Uncle Scrooge from Ducktails-style if you follow their instructions.  Evidently, this time the crafty Nigerians invoked the good name of our President, George W as well as the Director of the FBI, Robert “Muller” (their spelling, not mine) to con the lady into believing she was only steps away from being hood-rich…at least thats one of her excuses.  The “official” looking letter warned her that the terrorists would get the money if she did not act. 


Now, before you go all feeling sorry for her, evidently she ignored the pleas of numerous people who urged her to stop.  Bank officials, family members and law enforcement were obviously less credible than her African friends across the pond.  She squandered basically every dime her deaf husband worked his balls off for his ENTIRE LIFE on this ridiculousness.  Can you imagine?  Its like Chris Rock said about OJ, “Im not saying he shouldve killed her, but I understand.”  

I weep for middle America.  Maybe it is better Obama was elected. 



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3 Responses to “SURPRISE! Woman with last name of ‘Spears’ is an idiot”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    I can’t believe you were able to squeeze in a Ducktails reference…I’m impressed.

  2. Gullible Says:

    Wait…you mean these emails don’t actually lead to piles of money?  I’ve got some calls to make..

  3. Striker Beaver Says:

    I believe Uncle Scrooge was the first one to “make it rain”.

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