The Best Marching Band Animation Of The Year, Possibly Ever

Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 10:31 am ET

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Whenever I’ve been fortunate enough to make it into the stadium — as opposed to passing out at my tailgate spot — halftime traditionally signals it’s time to make a rather epic, queues-be-damned trip to the concessions stand.  Prior to all the second-hand smoke hysteria, I might even try to sneak in a quick, calm-the-nerves cig before heading back to my seat, but, alas, those days are long gone.

See, I’ve never been terribly taken by marching band-laden halftime shows. There’s only so much a band director can do with the alphabet, after all, and I guess my ears aren’t quite discriminating enough to appreciate the finer aural attributes one college and/or high school marching band may offer over another.

Then again, I’ve never been treated to the relative awesomeness of whatever school/group/organization came up with this display in Hawaii over the weekend. If I could just get more of this between the 2nd and 3rd quarters, my waistline — and lungs — would probably be very grateful.

The kick was good, by the way…

Thanks to DBJ for the tip

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16 Responses to “The Best Marching Band Animation Of The Year, Possibly Ever”

  1. Jeffrey Johnson Says:

    RT @YieldToFrump: If marching bands could do more of this at halftime, my waist-line and lungs would be very grateful

  2. Alex Rose Says:

    Awesome Marching Band Moves… via @AddToAny

  3. Lorraine Janectic Says:

    The Best Marching Band Animation Of The Year, Possibly Ever via @AddToAny

  4. David Dixon McElwee Says:

    this is awesome–> RT @YieldToFrump: The Best Marching Band Animation Of The Year, Possibly Ever

  5. Roz Harris Says:

    That’s unbelievable! I’ve never seen that before — I’m going to forward it to some friends who will get a “kick” out of it.

  6. Dennis Says:

    My friend was in the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Olympics, and they did similar large-scale spectacle crowd images. It took months to rehearse, but man, is it worth it!

  7. Sam Says:

    So cool… I love how quickly the “player” moves toward the “ball”. I thought it was fake at first.

  8. Warren Kimmel Says:

    One side of the stadium got to appreciate that final image a bit more than the other side, but I’m sure everyone was blown away, nonetheless.

  9. Scott Says:

    The fact that they are also skilled musicians, and playing at the same time, makes it all the more amazing.

  10. Morris B. Says:

    This squad needs to do halftime at an NFL game for national exposure!

  11. Quinn Says:

    As someone who has participated in a marching band, I can tell you that it is WAY harder than it looks. Lots of practice. Harder than football.

  12. Motel in Lexington Says:

    Marching like this requires lots of practice and discipline. I’ve done this before in high school and we trained for three months for a two minute performance. This is not an easy feat.

  13. Kerry Enser Says:

    @Dennis: What’s amazing is that this is the same quality as an Olympic ceremony. It goes to show that there are talented people who think (and act) big at every level.

  14. Kevin Says:

    this is pretty cool.. if you like this kind of thing, google north korea mass games.. some of those videos are amazing too

  15. Blair A. Says:

    The formations that these bands come up with are so imaginative. I can only take a guess at the amount of practice this would require. Very cool vid!


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