The NBA Showdown

Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 5:04 pm ET


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This is the greatest first round of all-time. History in the making!



This is the greatest playoffs of all-time in the first round. 

The Cavs v. the Wiz, Suns v. Spurs, Hornets v. Mavs, Jazz v. Rockets, Raptors v. Magic, and Lakers v. Nuggets were all really good games. It’s weekends like this that make paying your cable bill feel worthwhile. 

The Suns v. Spurs game is an ESPN Classic. It was like game seven of the NBA Finals. The Magnificent Manu was on fire.  The Diesel was making the Big Fundamental step up his game to advanced Calculus. It’s generally considered that a team must win a series to make it a rivalry. Nah, when you have this much drama it’s a rivalry. 

Chris Paul was born for playoff basketball. He’s tough, smart and he’s 100% all-baller. CP felt a little contact and he was ready to give Dirk Notwitzki the Craig dragon-punch. 

Agent Zero is looking healthy. Maybe, he’ll become the Sixth Man of the playoffs. You have to love DeShawn popping off about Lebron being overrated. Lebron just came back and smashed the Wiz. 

Deron Williams is giving the Rockets the business. TMAC has to be injured. Shooting 30-ish from the field is not going to get it done when every touch counts. The Rocket is running out of fuel and falling into the atmosphere toward the planet earth for a disastrous crash. Which Rocket is going to blast off? 

The Magic had incredible ball movement and the boys were launching threes. I thought I was watching an NBA Live battle on exhibition mode.  

The Lakers are a scary team. They are playing extremely well and their BIGS could be a factor at any moment. Gasol has always been one of my favorite underrated players. He’s found his confidence and that doesn’t bode well for the competition. The Nuggets play defense like it causes an allergic reaction. Even Fred could have dropped 20 on the Nuggets.  

David Stern, the Frumpzilla staff graciously accepts your offer to provide us with playoff tickets. The NBA really does care. Throw in some socks and customized jerseys. We appreciate it Commish. 

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3 Responses to “The NBA Showdown”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Pau blew up today in his Lakers playoff debut.  36, 12, and 8?  I was impressed.

  2. Jrock Says:

    You know Marcus Camby is interesting. He has really good defensive stats but he’s not really a good defensive player. His blocks and rebounds are deceptive. He did absolutely nothing to slow down Pau Gasol.

    The Nuggets even have good defenders but they stink at playing defense. I don’t get it. Something is wrong with that team. It’s like they learned how to play basketball by practicing with NBA Jam.

  3. Cochese Says:

    Chris Paul is great.  Very entertaining to watch.  He is single-handidly reviving my interest in NBA basketball.

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