Tiger Watch!:  Day 2 at the Masters

Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 10:40 pm ET


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Tiger’s 7 back now.  He’s looked relatively pedestrian, and the task ahead is a daunting one.  Woods will need the 2nd biggest comeback in Masters’ history if he wants to slip on that 5th Green Jacket this year.  Of course, if anyone is gonna pull such a feat off, Tiger is the most likely candidate.  The Grand Slam dream, and the hype, is alive, but it’s slipping.  It’s on life support even.  Some Tiger free highlights await after the jump.  Gary Player Edition…

Tiger may be letting that 5th jacket slip away...

-Gary Player broke Arnold Palmer’s record of 50 career starts today, and he plans to keep going.  Player says he’ll break his own record with his 52nd start at next year’s championship.

-Fred Couples missed the cut (+3) for the 1st time since 1983, the year of his first Masters appearance.  He also missed the opportunity to break Player’s record of 23 consecutive made cuts.  Fred actually had the record at his fingertips on the 18th green, but just missed a very makable birdie putt to seal it.  He finished +4, and remains tied with Player for consecutive cuts, though he apparently said he felt making the cut wasn’t that big of a deal.  He’s probably crying himself to sleep right now.

-Apparently Justin Rose is in elitie company when it comes to being at the top of the leaderboard after the 1st Round.  Rose was tied for the lead going into today for the 3rd time in his career, a stat that equals the 1st round efforts of Arnold Palmer, Lloyd Mangrum and, of course, Gary Player.  Only Jack Nicklaus has led after Round 1 more times (4). 

-Rose wasn’t in elite company in Round 2 however.  Had a bit of a collapse really, highlighted by a triple-bogey on 15, and suffered a 10 stroke swing from his 4-under 1st round to finish the 2nd at +6.  He sits at +2 overall.

-Now that Rose is out of the way, some guy named Trevor Immelman sits alone at the top of the leaderboard at 8-under.  Gary Player said that Immelman has the sweetest swing and is the best striker of the ball he’s seen since Ben Hogan.  Not sure how much of that is just South African-on-South African man love, but, considering Immelman’s posted back to back 4-under rounds, I’ll take Player’s word for it.

-Some guy named Steve Flesch shot the best round of the championship thus far with a 67.  He’s tied for third overall at 5-under.

-Ian Poulter took our advice and wore pink today.  Shot a 69, one stroke better than yesterday, and is currently tied with Mickelson and some guy named Steve Flesch for 3rd place at -5.

-Despite Poulter’s keen sense of fashion, best dressed today has to go to Olazabal.  Looked like Frumpzilla.com was sponsoring him.  Only thing missing was one of our logos across that plain white hat of his.  Maybe next year.  Hell, maybe at the Open…

What's missing here?  That's right, "Frumpzilla.com"...

-We started with Player, might as well end with him.  He missed the cut, obviously, at +17, but showed significant improvement from the 1st round (+11 to +6).  After he wrapped things up, Gary had the class to say he hoped Couples would break his record.  Also let us know that he thinks the greatest problem facing the world today is obesity.  Now that’s refreshing…

Nicklaus, Player & Palmer.  Those were the days (Morry Gash/AP)


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2 Responses to “Tiger Watch!:  Day 2 at the Masters”

  1. absolutebeek Says:

    Gary Player might make it to 100 Masters before it’s all over with.  And I predict that the Snedinator and Hogan will pull a Rose today.

  2. Jrock Says:

    Maybe, I will learn more about the PGA through osmosis. Until then look at that tiger. I want one! I want one! Not really unless it could talk. Now, that would be cool. Then again maybe not. I saw the Jungle Book.

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