Tonight’s Elite Eight Matchups

Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 6:30 pm ET

College Basketball

Frumped by

Slimmer slate as we prepare to find out who the first two Final Four teams will be this year.  Less work for us though, and no, Davidson plays TOMORROW…

More than 5 assits tonight?I feel bad for Collison tonight...

(3) Xavier vs (1) UCLA, 6:45

Line: UCLA, -6.5

Xavier could win this thing.  Really could, several Frumpsters have picked that one.  Ain’t gonna happen. 

The Musketeers might keep it close, but no team from the Atlantic 10 is gonna beat UCLA.  The humping that went on in Xavier’s opener against Georgia will come back to haunt them tonight.  Sundiata Gaines is still trying to get Stanley Burrel’s stank off of him…

(1) North Carolina vs (3) Louisville, 9:10

Line: -6

Carolina -6?  Really?  How about Carolina -16.  That sounds more appropriate given the way the Heels have been tearing through their opposition as of late.  Nope, no revenge game for David Padgett tonight.  Deputy Dog, aka Roy Williams, is safe.  As a disclaimer, I’m not predicting Carolina will win by 16, I just think -6 is being a bit generous.  To Louisville. 

The Cardinals have been playing great, but North Carolina looks like a bad NBA team.  Read:  The best team in college basketball, going away. Take advantage of this one, Frumpsters.  And by “take advantage”, we are in no way endorsing or promoting gambling of any kind.

By the way, will Ty Lawson have more than 5 assists tonight?

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One Response to “Tonight’s Elite Eight Matchups”

  1. Jrock Says:

    I like Davidson. Although, I would prefer for UNC to beat Kansas, so UNC can be the undisputed heavy weight.

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