Tonight’s Sweet 16 Lineup:  Yes, Davidson plays tonight.

Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 12:52 pm ET

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The nation’s wait is over: We finally get to watch Steph Curry and the Davidson Wildcats play again.  Okay, let’s be honest: We finally get to watch Steph Curry play again…

This is the oldest I've ever seen Stephen Curry look:  About 15...Stanford-Texas looks to be the best game of the night

Yawn...CD-R is good, but Joey Dorsey is scary.  Not "scary good" necessarily, just scary...

(10) Stephen Curry vs (3) Wisconsin, 7:15 ET

Line:  Wisconsin, -5

Things start off right this evening with this matchup. Haven’t been anticipating a 2008 Tourney game this much since the the Georgia-Xavier, “Hump Fest ’08”, opener (yes, still bitter). 

Until seeing Lousiville play last night, I was confident that the Badgers were easily the strongest 3 seed in the Tournament.  They may still be, I’m just not as confident about it anymore. Nevertheless, it’s likely that reality will set in for the Wildcats tonight.  I hope it doesn’t of course, nor does that 13 year old kid.  Noooo, I’m not talking about Stephen Curry, I’m talking about this kid, who had one of two perfect ESPN brackets going into the Sweet 16.  He’s got Davidson in the Final Four.  Wouldn’t that be something?

By the way, Over/Under on Stephen Curry’s total points scored is 22.5.  Muy interesante…

(3) Stanford vs (2) Texas, 7:30 ET

Line:  Texas, -2

My guess, and Vegas’s for that matter, is that this will be the most tightly contested game of the night.  Unfortunately, it conflicts with the Stephen Curry-Wisconsin showdown, which means I won’t be watching.  What if Davidson is down big in the 2nd half, you ask?  No way brotha, I learned my lesson after Davidson was down 17 against the Hoyas, though I may need to ask someone to hide the remote (I certainly won’t be getting out of my chair). 

I like D.J. Augustin and the rest of the Longhorns here, and I think they’ll cover, but Frumpzilla doen’t condone or promote gambling of course.

By the way, Over/Under on how many shots CBS will give us of the Lopez brothers’ mom: 17.5…

(12) Villanova vs (1) Kansas, 9:45 ET

Line:  -12.5

Could Nova make another run like they did in ’85?  Doubtful.  Very doubtful actually, but then that goes without saying I guess.  I’ll be honest with you about this one, Frumpsters; I don’t think I’ve been less interested in a game thus far in the Tourney.  Is that bad?  Perhaps, but I can’t escape the feeling that the best part about this one is that Memphis-Michigan St tips off approximately 15 minutes later.  Read:  Beer run.

By the way, will Brandon Rush’s total points + rebounds be over 19.5 tonight?  Tre interesant!

(5) Michigan State vs (1) Memphis, 10:00 ET

Line:  Memphis, -5

I really enjoy watching Memphis play. Derrick Rose, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Robert Dozier, and of course, my favorite, Joey “Man-Child” Dorsey. . .Man, it’s almost like watching the Showtime era Lakers!  Okay, I didn’t say that, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo did, but he may not be too far off relatively speaking. 

The Spartans will obviously try to slow things down tonight, but I don’t think they can hang with the Tigers, especially if Memphis stays focussed.  I’ll be bitterly disappointed if Dorsey doesn’t throw at least one of Neitzel’s layups, or even Neitzel himself, into the stands tonight.  Memphis by 7 (they won’t stay focussed…).

By the way, will Drew Neitzel miss a free throw tonight?  Yes, +180.  No, -240.


Again, I expect to be bashed for extraordinarily bad predictions…

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3 Responses to “Tonight’s Sweet 16 Lineup:  Yes, Davidson plays tonight.”

  1. BigAlatUNC Says:

    That 3 Curry hit with about 12 minutes left in the game made me tear up a bit.

  2. Ciaran Says:

    Kid is nuts.  Are they really beating Wisconsin by 17?

  3. Jrock Says:

    Curry is a baller. You gotta love this Davidson run if you like basketball.

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