U.S. Economy Lost Hella Jobs in February

Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 6:45 pm ET

Kissed With Apocalypse, The Rest

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Economy Sucks

The US lost 63,000 jobs in February. We hit the streets to get the public’s reaction. 



We talked to an unemployed college graduate named Zach. 

Frump: How do you feel about the loss of 63,000 jobs?

Zach: It sucks. It’s already hard enough to find a job. Now, we’re losing even more jobs.

Frump: How long have you been unemployed?

Zach: I’ve been unemployed for a little over two years. 

Frump: What do you plan to do?

Zach: I don’t know. I tried selling drugs. It’s nothing like television. The market is flooded. There’s too many drug dealers. I knew it was over when I got pistol whipped by 5 year old girl in a Snow White costume. I’ve just hooked with a Cougar. 

Frump: Really? 

Zach: Yeah, you know it’s not all that bad. Ashton Kucher really paved the way with Demi Moore.

Frump: How is that going?

Zach: It’s going pretty good. I just hooked up with this 75 year old lady named Edna.

Frump: How old are you?

Zach: 27

Frump: Don’t you think that’s kind of sick?

Zach: See. That’s what wrong with America. Women have been able to hook up with older men for centuries. When a man wants to hook up with an older woman then it’s a big deal.

Frump: Dude, she’s 48 years older than you. 

Zach: Would you date an older woman for an Aston Martin, Yankee Season Tickets and $50,000 a month allowance?

Frump: Good point. I see why you carry the flask. Does Edna have a sister?

Zach: Wouldn’t you like to know. Anti-cougar. 

Frump: Fair enough. Good luck applying that Ben Gay over those liver spots.

Zach: @$$hole. 


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  1. cieron Says:

    “I knew it was over when I got pistol whipped by 5 year old girl in a Snow White costume.”

    Man, if I had a dime…I love it.  cool smile

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