Video: Herschel Walker defeats Scott Carson via 1st Round TKO, improves MMA mark to 2-0

Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 5:11 pm ET

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Herschel Walker wins 2nd MMA fight vs Scott CarsonWe covered Herschel’s first MMA bout a year ago, and — given the greatest college running back of all time; former Olympic bobsledder; professional ballet dancer; genetic freak; and, yes, borderline pro football hall of famer happens to be a hero of mine — I suppose I was pretty much obligated to fashion a quick post on his second fight.

As seen in the above video, Walker made quick work of yet another out-classed opponent on Saturday night’s Strikeforce card.

It took Herschel all of about twenty seconds to knock Scott Carson to the ground, and just another three minutes or so for the physical marvel to secure a 1st Round TKO.

We may never know how the former Heisman Trophy winner would fare against stiffer competition, but, until then, at least it’s nice to see Herschel find continued success in yet another of his many, diverse pastimes.

With the recognition Walker’s name brings to the table, MMA has probably expanded its market a tad as well, and not at the cost of staging a blatant publicity stunt. Most fans have likely come to realize that Walker, however humble his MMA ambitions may be, is serious about the sport.

Now if he could just make that NFL comeback he’s hinted at, no one could deny his status as one of the more remarkable “renaissance men” in the history of modern athletics.

At the tender age of 48, claiming a 4.39 40-yard dash time, it appears there’s still ample time…for Herschel Walker.

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3 Responses to “Video: Herschel Walker defeats Scott Carson via 1st Round TKO, improves MMA mark to 2-0”

  1. rantmma Says:

    thanks for the linkback

  2. rantmma Says:

    Thanks for the linkback and your comment on my post!

  3. Bert Says:

    Age is taking a toll on Herschel. He should retire since the game is not going to turn around.

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