Video: Kentucky Football Commit Had a Fantastic Spring Break, May Have Lost His Scholarship In the Process

Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 11:03 pm ET

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Kentucky recruit may lose scholarship over Spring Break incident -- tackled security officer into the pool

Daylen Hall - Looking to plow another authority figure

Ahhh, Spring Break in Panama City, Florida.

The beach. The babes. The booze. The boom in business for the local Bar Association. And now — thanks to Kentucky’s 3* CB signee Daylen Hall — the tackling of security officers into hotel pools.

Yes, that’s apparently Daylen you see up there getting into his 3-point stance around the 1:45 mark. Him again, moments later, performing a textbook tackle on that killjoy of a hotel security guard.  Hall was eventually apprehended.

Now, taking the whole assault and battery of a peace officer bit out of it, one has to admit this is otherwise pretty dang hilarious. Spring Break, Panama City — kids these days, right?

Kentucky coach Joker Phillips not amused by Daylen Hall's tackle of security guard into Panama City pool

Probably not the face Joker was wearing when he watched Daylen's P.C. highlights

Well, something tells me Kentucky coach Joker Phillips — however ironically — may not find as much humor in this incident as Daylen and his St. Xavier teammates did.  We’ll see.

Fingers crossed for the kid and his scholarship offer to Kentucky — that is, while this unfortunate lapse in judgment certainly should serve as a good learning experience, I hope it doesn’t have to be a particularly draconian one.

Unfortunately, I can’t escape the feeling that if Daylen got out of P.C.B. VD-free, he may have no choice but to consider Spring Break 2011 a relative success.

Thanks to YouTube user lionsmgr for what appears to be the original footage and some additional background info. The comments on that video — many of which appear to be from eyewitnesses — are also quite entertaining…

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6 Responses to “Video: Kentucky Football Commit Had a Fantastic Spring Break, May Have Lost His Scholarship In the Process”

  1. a concerned mom Says:

    I hope he is given a second chance but is required to educate HIgh School students on the dangers of drinking, drugging and partying (especially during SB and in PCB). We are loosing to many kids to this toxic culture. Our teens need to know the truth, partying is not all fun and games, it IS SERIOUS business.

  2. fuckst.x Says:

    i hope they take away his scholarship

  3. Bagwhan Says:

    He needs to be made a National Example out of…enough of this kind of drunken debauchery and quasi violence against innocent people just trying to do a job. Let somebody go push his Dad into a pool at his workplace and see if he laughs. Punk jock boy. Grow up—try a stint in the Marines tough guy. College doesnt need him, and now that the video, and his actions have gone viral and National—maybe the Service is a better choice.

  4. RockyTopVols Says:

    Wow, Kentucky Wildcats football player in trouble!

  5. Austin Sub-Division Says:

    RT @RockyTopVols: Wow, Kentucky Wildcats football player in trouble!

  6. Fed Up Says:

    I beg you. Take away his scholarship. Let’s hold him responsible for a change. Just like real life. Make stupid decisions…get held accountable.

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