Wayne Ellington Lived the Life at UNC

Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 12:00 pm ET

College Basketball, Kissed With Apocalypse

Frumped by

Wayne Ellington

Well, either he did(he did.) or his parents did(they did.)! 

I was sent this link recently.  While I understand it’s a link to http://carolinasucks.com and not http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/ like the design would want you to believe, and the images may be fabricated, the facts behind them do not seem to be fabricated.  The images claim that a $400k abode is the residence of Wayne Ellington Sr., the father of the former UNC bball player(06-09).  I don’t quite have the resources to look up Mr. Ellington’s profession or what he was worth before his son made it to the NBA.  I’m not trying to argue whether or not he could afford such a house while his son was in school(before he made money for bball).  I am wondering why the house was(is) owned by James A. Mason Jr. who was a former Morehead scholar at UNC and is now a prominant businessman in Chapel Hill.  Mason Jr. is a founding member of Parish Capital, who has very stong ties to Keenan-Flagler, UNC’s business school.  They’re even part of the Carolina Venture Fellows program.  I’m sure Roy and UNC did a good job of making sure Mason Jr. himself did not donate to the athletic program, but it’s hard to deny these ties seem to be a conflict of interest. 

Frump it on for pictures and links that lead me to these conclusions.

Below are pictures from that very well disguised carolinasucks offering:

Wayne Ellington House

Wayne Ellington House


One of the best and worst things about tax records is that they’re very much open to the public.  A quick search on the Durham County website you’ll notice a couple peculiar things.


Link for Tax Data Below

Wayne Ellington Scandal

This is a listing of taxable items owned at the address associated with Wayne Ellington Sr’s name.  As you can see, the property is owned by Mr. Mason Jr. while the Ellington’s purchased a couple of (new at the time)cars at that address.  Also, just in case you missed the obvious in all of this, this year range is the same time frame Ellington was a student athlete at UNC.  Just thought I’d point that out. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again(as a disclaimer of sorts) that I’m not questioning whether or not the Ellington’s could afford all of this(although I have a guess), my question is why it was owned by a Carolina graduate who is still very much associated with the University.  While one would normally expect the local paper(N&O) to pick this up and look into it, considering that local paper might as well be UNC’s School of Journalism, I highly doubt it.

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22 Responses to “Wayne Ellington Lived the Life at UNC”

  1. Cochese Says:


  2. Ciaran Says:

    Hmmm, very interesting…

  3. NotaretardStateGrad Says:

    I’m glad that this web site starts off with the disclaimer “unprofessional and unreliable” because this article captures both. Impressive!  There is no story here unless the Ellington’s are charged free or reduced rent. Until then all you’ve got is a racist implication that a middle aged black man can’t afford a moderately sized house in a “cheap rent” city like Durham. Between this and your 3rd grade writing style there is no need for your NCSU icon…we all know where you went to school. Gets some facts retard!

  4. DazedandConfused Says:

    Could someone tell me why I just wasted 3 minutes of my life to find out Ellington’s dad rented a house in Durham to watch his son play basketball. I mean, yeah its sweet and all, but not exactly the scandal I was preparing myself for. Oh wait, and that he and his wife drive cars—can’t leave that bombshell out!

    In case you didn’t know B Diddy, there are a lot of successful Carolina alumni involved in Triangle business and real estate, and A WHOLE LOT of black families who can afford nice homes. Alert the presses! This needs to be investigated immediately.  We may even have a nationwide epidemic on our hands of black families renting homes from Carolina grads!

    ??? Where’s the beef? Is Mr. Ellington a fry-cook or something who obviously wouldn’t be able to afford a home for his family? It’s 2010 and ignorant racism is alive and well… Congratulations.

  5. smokeandfire Says:

    Mr. Ellington also lived in two houses in Cary while Jr. was in school.  One sold recently for $503K.
    Before Wayne Jr. became a hot prospect (frosh yr in HS), the Ellingtons lived in a $170K home.  While it is possible for a person to increase his standard of living within 3 years, this is quite a jump in life style.
    And yes, it would be interesting to know what Wayne Sr. was doing to afford these home rentals.  If he worked at a bank (which is the rumor), what were his qualification and what was his salary? 
    This has Wanda Hightower written all over it.

  6. Ciaran Says:

    @ NotaretardStateGrad and DazedandConfused:

    What does Wayne Ellington’s race have to do with this?  Are you suggesting that if Wayne didn’t happen to be a minority, then this info wouldn’t be worthy of being at least a remote curiosity? 

    Seriously, guys, crying racism is quite a blunt critique here…especially when one is using “retard” to demean the author.  How progressive of you.  Touche.

    As you’ve alluded to, there are plenty of other reasonable ways to attack what’s suggested by this article, and well before implying there are racist undertones.  Perhaps the reader should look within his or herself before casting that stone at the writer.

    That said, thanks for reading/visiting.  Hope you come back someday.

  7. smokeandfire Says:

    After the Ellington’s moved out of the Stockton Way home they moved to Cary.  Here are two of the homes they lived in.



  8. B Diddy Says:

    Wow, you were able to see racism in my article?  How hard were you looking for it??

    Note the fact I said multiple times that I am not questioning whether or not the Ellington’s could afford to rent such a house.  I left it up to the reader to think about that, which you obviously did(and made your own assumption).  I was only questioning why the house was owned by someone who is so closely tied to the university.

    This was merely an article to raise a question.  Also, I’m sorry my writing style did not live up to your standards but not everyone can pull literary masterpieces like “Gets some facts Retard!” out of thin air.

  9. Cochese Says:

    when are person has no logic or facts to present as a counterpoint, they always resort to name-calling or to grammar-ninjadom.


  10. NotaretardStateGrad Says:

    Because the only reason you are even bringing this up is:

    1.  You are a jealous state fan.
    2.  Wayne Ellington and his father are black.

    If Bobby Frasor’s father was renting a house in Durham you wouldn’t think twice about it and you damn well know it. Instead you are attempting to make a leap in logic with absolutely no factual basis. Keep dreaming though…bass fishing season is right around the corner.  This website is a joke.

  11. Cochese Says:

    how do you know the race of the author of the article?  are you assuming he is white?  by your own definition, does that not make you ‘racist’ as well?

  12. Cochese Says:

    that sound you heard was your head exploding from my awesomeness.

  13. B Diddy Says:

    If I saw tax records that showed Bobby Frasor’s family or himself were living in a $400k house owned by a UNC grad that donates to and works with UNC then I sure would write an article about it.  I find it ridiculous that you are harping on race repeatedly when I not once thought about that as a factor, nor is their any mention of race in the article.

    Am I jealous of a recent national championship?  Sure.  Am I jealous of someone who’s only rebuttal is calling someone a racist and a retard?  Nope.

  14. smokeandfire Says:

    If Wes Miller or Tyler Hansbrough were living in a $400K home we wouldn’t bat an eye. We KNOW their family can afford it.  If Frasor or Dewey Burke OR WAYNE ELLINGTON moves from a $170K home to a $500K home, yeah, it piques our interest.  This has nothing to do with black or white.

  15. UofMtn Says:

    wayne ellington sr. has a drug habbit.. he currently flops from Annapolis MAryland back ao Durham from time to time.. he may dress flahy, but dont let that fool you. he is still shacking up with “friends” even in Maryland. this is fact! i have come in contact with him recently, he is BAD NEWS..

  16. BabyBluUNCFag Says:

    @NotaretardStateGrad most black people are poor and dumb you moron.

  17. Wayne Ellington Sr Says:

    Look here jus cause I a black man who never made mo than $12.50 an hour dont mean I cant be up in a $400k house. I know peoples

  18. UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp Says:

    This is very disturbing news to me

  19. brad capps Says:

    Wayne Ellington Lived the Life at UNC http://bit.ly/aB99bc via @AddToAny all the abcer's will love this one….

  20. Anonymous Says:

    couple of other weird things.
    1) notice that the tax records for the cars are not paid, and more importantly
    2) i’ve gone back to the public website, and the tax records for the cars have disappeared. i was not able to find them by account or receipt number.

  21. hill Says:

    i know sr., he always made lots of money,not the best decisions with it,but money he made

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Wayne senior is a total deadbeat. Lost his home thru foreclosure in Pa never paid one mortgage payment. A real loser

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