What did the hamburger say to the face? SLAP!

Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 10:43 am ET

The Rest

Frumped by

Hamburger Helper

Man allegedly assaults girlfriend with cheeseburger!

How many times have you been an an argument with your girlfriend? Too many times to count on both hands I’m sure. As one of my favorite comedians Chris Rock once said, “I would never hit a woman in my life but I’ll shake the shi# out of her”! Well I don’t condone either, but a cheesburger to her FACE would sure as hell feel good!

A man in Florida obviously thought it would bring an ending to an argument with his girlfreind. Not only that, but it looks this guy will lose more than just the argument; he will lose his girlfriend and about $1,000, or should I say 1,000 cheeseburgers off the McDonald’s Dollar Menu!



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2 Responses to “What did the hamburger say to the face? SLAP!”

  1. Cochese Says:

    Very similar to the sammich situation.

  2. Ciaran Says:

    Yes, eerily similar.  Is this a growing problem?  Perhaps a talking point for the next Presidential election?

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