Where are all the Duke haters?

Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 4:14 pm ET

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Thanks to our friends at Yardbarker, and susequently Jimmy Traina’s Monday A.M. Hot Clicks, I came across this lovely video of some of the Rumors and Rants crew asking Duke fans why everyone loathes them so. The premise being, of course, that the average college basketball fan does, in fact, hate the Dukies.

Makes sense. I mean, I at least half-heartedly agree with the premise, though I’m not exactly sure why, so why not go to the source, right? Right. Well, this was all good and fine until I stumbled upon this ESPN Sportsnation Poll later in the afternoon (thanks, Dbj). More specifically the question: “Who are you rooting for to win the championship?” The results, SHOCKING…

When I completed the questionnaire I think I was something like taker 20,107, so we’ve at least got a good sample.  But what’s this, 33.3% rooting for Duke?  26.1% for the Mountaineers?  20.5% for those feisty, mid-major Bulldogs from Butler, leaving just 20.1% for Tom Izzo’s Spartans?  Uncanny, and an outrage at that.

Seriously, notwithstanding potential financial motivation, who the hell out there in “Sportsnation” that isn’t (1) a  fan of one of the Final Four participants; (2) doesn’t have to sleep with a fan of one of the Final Four participants; and/or (3)  isn’t trying to sleep with a fan of one of the Final Four participants is not pulling for Butler to win the whole damn thing?

Maybe, just maybe, there happens to be a lot of closet Duke sympathizers out there that only come out under the cover of internet anonymity. Either way, I want names and explanations, ’cause, frankly, if you fall outside one of those aforementioned categories, pulling for Butler may or may not be moral obligation.  We’re looking into it…

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