Would You Care to Try the Special, Sir?  Gripes:  Volume 1

Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 6:10 pm ET

College Basketball

Frumped by

Darrell Arthur

The more I watch athletic events, the more I have to bitch about.  This will be the first installment in a series called “Gripes.”

Joey Dorsey got exactly what he deserved last night.  The Big L.  I don’t know why it is so unbelievably difficult for players to keep their mouths shut and expressions to themselves and represent their institutions with dignity and grace.  Apparently, Mr. Dorsey, (who I hope doesn’t read this), decided it was a good idea to flash the choke sign at the Kansas bench toward the end of the game.  Yea, the Kansas bench–the 2008 NCAA Champion Jayhawks.  Them.  The winner.  How did that turn out?  Well, you embarrassed yourself, your teammates, your alumni base, your fans, your coach (riiiiiiiiiiiiight), etc.  And to make it worse, you lost the game.

I would be remiss to not mention the intentional shouldering of Cole Aldrich.  This actually might be a little harsh, but it could have been far less emphatic.  The statement was clear, though.  “I just shouldered the &*(^ out of you, and I don’t give a *&^*.”  Noted.  In the loss column.

So, what’ll it be today at the Jayhawk Cafe, Mr. Dorsey?  Karma or irony?  To go with your big ass side of L.

Donk Spotter

***A special shout-out to the 2007 Bengals.  Already signed for the Longest Yard III, obviously.

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4 Responses to “Would You Care to Try the Special, Sir?  Gripes:  Volume 1”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Dorsey certainly laid an egg worthy of a man his size Monday night.  6 points and 2 boards (2 boards!?!?!) from a guy that’s out there specifically to, erm, board? 

    He’s still a beast.  Needs to be reined in a bit, but could be a Dennis Rodman type with the right tutoring.  Not sure that’ll happen.

    And don’t be hatin’ on my boy Odell…  wink

  2. Cochese Says:

    Rodman? Surely you jest.  Rodman pulled two boards exiting the womb.  Dorsey is no Rodman.

  3. Ciaran Says:

    Hey now, I didn’t say he was Rodman. I said he “could” be a “Rodman type” (perhaps I should have italicized “could”) with the right coaching and motivation.

    I honestly think the potential is there.  I also think that, for whatever reason, said potential will remain untapped…

  4. Jrock Says:

    The only way we see another Rodman is if the league ends guaranteed contracts and pay power forwards per rebound. Imagine the mayhem. Sit court side at your own risk.

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