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Fri, May 23, 2008 at 12:16 am ET

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Yet another Top Ten List

of Top 10 Lists (of the past few weeks or so).  About a month ago, Frumpzilla brought you our inaugural “Top 10 Top 10 Lists (of the past few weeks or so)” in an attempt to capitalize on the whole Listmania demographic.  There’s just something about lists that capture the hearts, minds, and, most importanly, attention (Read: visits/clicks) of internet dwellers, and naturally we wanted a piece of that pie.  Well, and I know this is hard to believe, we didn’t get our piece, but that doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying.

Like last time, our list breaks a couple of relatively standard rules: Some of the lists are not in fact Top “10” lists, and, of course, we maintain our “Socialist” (thank you again) stance in that we don’t rank these lists in any particular order.

Just take these in at your leisure.  If you didn’t have the cahones to take today off, and make this Memorial Day Weekend an extra long one, hopefully this compilation will help kill off your Friday faster than usual.  Make the jump to begin/continue your Friday procrastination…

1. The 10 Commandments For Drinking Like a Man – Drinkplanner

2. If the prospect of anal leakage is at all unappealing to you, you may want to avoid the Top 5 culprits – Divine Caroline

3. The Top 10 items you think make you look cool, but don’t – Holy Taco

4. The Top 15 Myths About Beer – Sahio

5. Everyone likes a good “Pre-Death Monologue”.  Right?  Here’s the Top 5 in film history – Always Watching

6. It’s better to burn out than fade away.  If only these 10 celebrities had known that – Gossipnewz

7. Top 10 Dystopian Films Telling Us To Act Now – Takepart

8. The 6 cutest animals that could still rip your head off – Cracked

9. The Top 25 (or so) Hilariously Bad Athlete Commercials – The Angry Tomato

10. 19 uses for Vodka that you’ve probably never even thought about (We hope) – Divine Caroline (again)

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