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Adriana Lima’s 2 Million Dollar Bra = Brilliant Excuse to Post Racy Pics of Adriana Lima

October 20, 2010


Adriana Lima shows off her 2 million dollar bra for Victoria's Secret

Those are diamonds supporting Adriana's breasts - Photo from AP

We don’t typically post pics of beautiful, scantily clad women here at Frumpzilla.

I mean, we love the ladies, but I guess we’ve always kinda viewed that practice as the blogosphere equivalent of the chick at the bar wearing five articles of clothing from the Kids’ Department – including both shoes – and inviting random dudes to do body shots off her tits.  Three times a week.

Sure, she’s gonna get quite a few hits, might even make a few lasting impressions. In the end, though, how many meaningful relationships is she building? You know, like, with anyone that isn’t just looking her up when they need to get off.

Having said that, and in the interest of full disclosure, Frump isn’t completely innocent – we’ve drunk dialed that chick before (but only during a dry spell).  Oh, and when someone like Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima makes headlines for wearing a $2,000,000 bra, well, I guess we’re not above even paying for Sunday brunch (after the jump)…


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How to Cop a Feel: The Peter Niemeyer Method

October 5, 2010


Just as the days of male dominance in the world of sports have long since passed — both on and off the field — so, too, are the days in which a man could casually grope an unsuspecting female’s breasts without consequence.

Except in Germany. If you’re a soccer player.

Yes, yes — we know this wasn’t intentional on Niemeyer’s part. Doesn’t appear that way, at least, and the Hertha BSC player has since said the same.

That said, you gotta love referee Bibiana Steinhaus’ reaction here. She handled it well. And so did Niemeyer…

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The Miracle of Evolution?

May 3, 2010


According to The Sun, British boobs are growing at a rapid pace.  You know it is getting bad when the former “big dog”, a bra called “The Windsock” (a K cup size), is no longer big enough for the largest Brit busts.  To counter the problem, the Bravissimo Chain and Debenhams (a department store I guess) has introduced the KK Cup for the suffering, squashed and stuffed ladies of the UK.

For a little perspective on how big the KK bra is, EACH cup is 10 inches wide…the diameter of most dinner plates.

Experts evidently blame pollution and hormones (The Chese blames McDonalds, but that is perhaps for another post) and believe that it wont be long until a LL will be necessary.


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Frump Day Links: 4/28/2010

April 28, 2010

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Frump day links 4/28/2010

Frumpzilla spreading the Hump Day love, one link at a time…

The Lions’ Zach Follet doing a little preseason shopping…for his opponents. (Busted Coverage)

Just when you thought Shannon Elizabeth had become as irrelevant as Tim Toone. (Holy Taco)

A growing issue in the world of sports: Premature celebration. It’s more common than you think. No, really. It is. (No Guts, No Glory)

Brewers’ catcher Greg Zaun doing his best Carl Lewis impression. (Sharapova’s Thigh)

Former Redskin, Mississippi State Bulldog, Fred Smoot is bringing the GingerHead Man’s favorite fine dining establishment, Waffle House, to Washington D.C. (Sparty And Friends)

Would you swap Lady Gaga tickets for a chance to see your favorite NBA team in the playoffs? (Sports By Brooks)

Pre-Preseason Hoops Power Rankings. (Statefansnation)

Leave it to MLS to supply you with the worst blown chance in soccer history? Sure (we’re actually big MLS fans, but ya got to play to the masses, right?). (Tasty Booze)

Two for one special! Dez Bryant’s mom isn’t a hooker (anymore), and JaMarcus Russell’s girth is about to cost him a seat on the Raiders’ team bus. And roster. (The Big Lead)

Even more on why everyone’s favorite AD, Lee Fowler, should get the axe. (Yet Another N.C. State Sports Blog)

Why go to the gym to check out chicks when you can do it from the comfort of your own home? (Total Pro Sports)

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Boob pops out at Braves game, men all over look just like these guys

April 21, 2010


Just goes to show…you always have to be on your toes.  You never know when a boob is going to show up…

Video and pics after the frump


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Marisa Miller, et al., are getting topless for you in GQ UK

February 25, 2010


Tastefully, of course. Came across these over at Velveteen Audio Lab, and, boy, what a fantastic frumping find.

Miller headlines the spread in the March edition of the magazine, but there’s a lot more than just Marisa’s assets on display. Models Michelle Alves, Michelle Buswell, Maja Latinovic,Tiiu Kuik and Liliana Dominguez would all like you to purchase this issue as well, and they do a damn good job of selling it (after the jump)…

Marisa Miller gets topless in March's GQ UK


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“Raising” Curling Awareness

February 21, 2010


Madeleine Dupon of the Danish curling team The most loyal of Frumpsters will have surely noticed by now that the Frumpzilla staff is quite taken by curling.  We’ve covered how it compares to tailgating activities; how it accounts for two of five reasons why you should be watching the Winter Olympics; and, most recently, the Danish curling team complaining about crowd noise.

I mean, curling is just so hot right now, and things keeping popping up all the time.  In fact, some pics of Denmark’s Madeleine Dupont (after the jump) may have just ensured that things won’t be settling down for quite some time…


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Friday Frump Classic

February 5, 2010


Friday Frump Classics

Since Frumpzilla only recently kicked things back up again, on Fridays we like to take a quick look back in time to present our readers with some of the more memorable content from the old site.  Normally Cochese handles these duties, but he’s a bit tied up today and asked if I could do the honors.

I figured since there’s been  some recent buzz about serious issues with Toyota’s new Prisuses, we might as well take advantage and get some content up related to Hybrid vehicles.  The fact that it’s recycled content makes it all the more relevant, right?

Frump it here for today’s Friday Frump Classic: Sports Cars Dethroned as Primary Means of Male Compensation

The beautiful woman in this picture actually doesn't dig sports cars.  There's actually a Hybrid located just to the right, off camera.  She's simply trying to get over there.

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