Boob pops out at Braves game, men all over look just like these guys

Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 7:45 pm ET

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Frumped by

Just goes to show…you always have to be on your toes.  You never know when a boob is going to show up…

Video and pics after the frump

You know, this brings up another point.  Women NEVER dress appropriately for things.  Why wear the tube top to a baseball game?  Its like the girls that come to the tailgate in heels.  Men may be little more than cave men with clubs and simple brains, but we know when to wear a tube top and when not to.

(almost – wait for it)

BOOM! corner boob!

(doesn’t this guy look JUST like Matt Stafford?)

Video – Boob pops out at Braves game

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3 Responses to “Boob pops out at Braves game, men all over look just like these guys”

  1. Coat Rack Says:

    I don’t know why we get so excited about seeing a boob


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