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Mr. Irrelevant 2010: Tim Toone

April 24, 2010


Tim Toone: Mr. Irrelevant to the Detoirt LionsIn an industry so dominated by superstars — or at least the players that make a habit of breaking the rules more often than they should — shouldn’t we, just once in awhile, profile the little guy? The guy that, you know, isn’t all that relevant?

Well, we’ve been saying for awhile that, given the Detroit Lions held the last pick in the year’s NFL Draft, 2010’s “Mr. Irrelevant” might better be known as “Mr. Relevant.”  Now, we’re not so sure.

Really didn’t expect the Lions to go WR here, but then I guess it likely won’t matter in the end.  They don’t call it “Mr. Irrelevant” for no reason, after all.  Nevertheless, in the interest of letting our readers decide for themselves, we tracked down this highlight reel of Weber State WR, Tim Toone on some site called YouTube. 

Toone hauled in 83 balls for 1,109 yards and 10 TD’s for the Weber State Wildcats last year. He also compiled 378 yards from 19 punt returns, two of which were for TD’s (that’s a good average, I’d say). Who knows.  Maybe the names running through Matt Stafford’s mind as he’s going through his reads will soon be “Johnson, Burleson, Scheffler…Toone.”

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9 Intriguing, Post 1st Round Questions

April 23, 2010


Sam Bradford: First overall pick to the St. Louis Rams

Well, the 2010 NFL Draft’s 1st Round is behind us, and, as usual, it was an exciting one. Of course, with this being one of the deepest drafts in recent memory, many questions — some fun, some serious, all good — remain.

Make the jump with us for some queries we hope you might have the answers to…


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Boob pops out at Braves game, men all over look just like these guys

April 21, 2010


Just goes to show…you always have to be on your toes.  You never know when a boob is going to show up…

Video and pics after the frump


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