Who the hell cheats on Kim Kardashian? Reggie Bush. That’s who.

Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 2:01 pm ET

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Thanks to some sites called Perez Hilton and Radar (that’s right, I’m not above them), I just learned Reggie Bush may or may not have been running around on my beloved Kim Kardashian with some chick named “January.”

Believe it or not,  and all apologies in advance to anyone associated with the name “January,” she apparently is not a stripper.  She is, however, a waitress.  So…

Anyways, this is all quite disheartening considering the time and effort we put into our Kim and Reggie heavy Super Bowl prop betting piece awhile back.  That and, of course, how sad it is to see a woman like Kim be mistreated so.  Shame on you, Reggie.

Taking a step back, though, I have no desire to serve as judge, jury and executioner.  With that in mind, I figured I’d let you decide:  Everything else held equal (huge assumption, I know), who do you go with here?

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21 Responses to “Who the hell cheats on Kim Kardashian? Reggie Bush. That’s who.”

  1. dt Says:

    Ok, Kardashian is much hotter, no question, but have you ever heard that bitch talk? After a couple of years you would want to get away too, regardless of how mindblowing the sex is (though her sex tape would lead you to believe that even the sex wouldn’t be that amazing). I’m going with Reggie on this one, he got two years of sleeping with her, time to move on.

  2. Ciaran Says:

    Still going with Kim, but point taken.

  3. B Diddy Says:

    What about January Jones(Betty Draper – Mad Men)?

  4. Ciaran Says:

    Yeah, we’re just gonna pretend that January Jones doesn’t exist for the purposes of this article.

  5. Ciaran Says:

    Very nice, by the way…

  6. jd Says:

    A wise man once said, “No matter how hot she is, someone, somewhere is tired of her BS.”

  7. jd Says:

    I think I need to start watching Mad Men….

  8. Ciaran Says:

    You and me both…

  9. nick may Says:

    He should’ve tried for Mila Kunis….she does cartoons

  10. online payday loan Says:

    I don’t think Reggie would be stupid enough to cheat on Kim. They seem that they have a great relationship even if they are on and off all the time. However if he did cheat on her then I don’t think Kim should take him back, but who knows. It’s not like we know the real situation anyway.


    Kim is much more attractive. Who the heck is the blonde? Is that the girl he cheated on her with.

  12. Rummy Dummy Says:

    I’m sure KK can be a walking hemorrhoid, but is Reggie Bush in any position to judge her?
    To be fair, this January is a goddess next to the ho’s Jesse James has been mounting.

  13. cash advance payday loans Says:

    They made a great couple. And it is sad to watch them breakup. I hope it will work out for the best.

  14. Kims a butslutt Says:

    I think Kims just a walking parasitic cunt that needs to vanish off the world

  15. Char. Says:

    To who ever has the title Kim’s a buttslut? I THINK YOUR JELOUS OF HER! ur a buttslut. I love yoou Kim :)

  16. Shug Says:

    Well That picture of Kim was planned and she looks good, That picture of the other girl is random and she isn’t even close to her best.

    So it isnt fair to judge off of those two pictures.

    grant it Kim is still Blazin.

  17. jose Says:

    another hottie that dosent put out,thats y guys cheat !take care of your man & he will have no reason to look…

  18. D. Lukow Says:

    Kim has dozens more until she is through!


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