WAKE FANS (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 1:10 pm ET

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Frumped by

What you are about to see is real.  It is not fabricated, photo-shopped or altered (by Frumpzilla) in any way.

It is posted on a public message board and therefore fair game.  Welcome to the land of unwanted internet fame, DieHardDeacon

Why anyone would post this on a forum devoted to sports, and to a 90% male audience is beyond me…not that there’s anything wrong with it.

This is Wake Fan at his most causal – his most vulnerable…in his essence, if you will.  Drink it in folks.

My sick WF tat is full view along with my RJ Reynolds 10 years of service watch and necklace combo.  Don’t hate.

Good thing I had these gloves on for my “workout” – you aint got nuthin’ on me Riley Skinner! You bitch!

Frump it for even more!

Cross my heart and hope to die, big boy…or you can just attach a leash to it like those crazy mothers in the mall LOL!

I am a coy lil’ slut aren’t I! LOL

Anyone remember that TV show “Salute your Shorts?” Evan certainly does! LOLOLOLOL xoxo.

The pouty-face look is harder than it looks

This is what I call, “business casual”

Its not called the ‘fist of fury’ for nuthin’! – bring out the gimp!

Dont believe me?  Here is the original link…

(Thanks to the Admiral for the lead)

Maybe this guy and Chas McFarland are tat buddies?  Another question for another day, perhaps.  For now, I guess all that’s left to say is…

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26 Responses to “WAKE FANS (not that there’s anything wrong with that)”

  1. DieHardDeacon Says:

    Dont be hatin’

  2. Cochese Says:

    haha – go on with your bad self, man

  3. Cubfan Says:

    Shame i cant see the pics.

  4. Cochese Says:

    try back in a minute…you have have clicked during an edit or something

  5. Ciaran Says:

    Wait, wait. How did this guy slip by us in the same thread?

  6. Cochese Says:

    what is that picture behind you? is it an A-Rod minotar?


  7. DieHardDeacon Says:

    Its called “art” – you should look into getting some. Then again, can you display art in a barn?

    Anyhow, glad to see you trying to expand your horizon…

  8. Cochese Says:


    my barn used to be well-decorated until my goats ate everything. now my Bed Bath and Beyond/Target paintings, trinkets and do-dads have all either been soiled, nibbled or smashed. for shame indeed.

  9. DieHardDeacon Says:

    Guess you should be a little nicer to your goats and not in the way you are used to…just sayin’ man. (I know being part of a low tooth to head ratio crowd limits your options but even goats have standards.)

  10. Cochese Says:

    hey…you take that back.

    I treat my goats like royalty.

  11. DieHardDeacon Says:

    Gotcha man – so its the sheep you treat other wise?

  12. Cochese Says:

    no sheep. just goats and the occasional chicken

  13. rachel mills Says:

    @YieldToFrump wait wait wait….does he have a BELLY RING?! ewwwwwww http://is.gd/bAWfA

  14. dbj Says:

    wow, dino gaudio really took the firing hard.

  15. Cochese Says:

    Ok, so I found the series of images that your painting may have come from…



  16. Sw0rdf1sh Says:

    This is the most hilarious thing I think I’ve seen all month. And this one has been a doozy.

  17. GoPack Says:

    Nice belly button ring

  18. Sw0rdf1sh Says:

    I’m sorry…but in light of recent events I had to come back and revisit this gem.

  19. Danny Says:

    Woah?!!! I was not expecting that these will be all that I see!

  20. Brant Ruben Says:

    RT @YieldToFrump: WAKE FANS (not that there's anything wrong with that) http://t.co/EcMMp6S

  21. goyard replica Says:

    Wow, this piece of writing WAKE FANS (not that there’s anything wrong with that) | Frumpzilla: Sports, Entertainment and Social Commentary from Unprofessional, Highly Irresponsible Sources is pleasant, my sister is analyzing these things, therefore I am going to let know her.


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