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Things God may or may not have written on his or her hand…

March 9, 2010


Hey, as a disclaimer, we here at Frumpzilla don’t claim to know a whole buttload of crap about the Gospels, or God, or whatever, and if we do have an area of expertise (debatable), it’s certainly not theology.  That said, when faced with frumping about topics we happen to be particularly ignorant about, we feel it’s wiser to turn to an authority; someone intimately associated with the subject. In this case, Sarah Palin.

As I’m sure most of you know by now, Sarah Palin likes to write little reminders on her hand(s). She even references them during speeches and stuff. Sarah’s tried to make light of this, of course, and, to be fair, I’ve really never felt it was that big of a deal…until now.

A few days ago, Palin, apparently still a little self conscious about her hand notes, attempted to further rationalize the practice by citing the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 49, verse 16 which reads (in pertinent part):

Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands

Long story short, the Bible says God wrote on “his”  hand to help “him” remember things, which Sarah Palin has confirmed for us, and therefore Palin and her manual reminders are in good company.

Needless to say, I’m satisfied.  But what else might God, in his or her* infinite wisdom, have needed a handy little note to remind him or her to do?  Just about the entire Frumpzilla staff offers some suggestions for you (in no particular order) after the jump.  We’d love to hear some from you as well…


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Did Roy Williams just compare UNC losing 6 of 7 to Haiti?

February 10, 2010


Though I’ve yet to be convinced that paying someone for such services is warranted, losing 6 of 7 may very well be worth a trip to the massage therapist. I’ll take Williams’ word for it.

However, comparing the Tar Heels’ recent run of form to the disaster down in Haiti, even anecdotally, makes me think Roy should probably hire that masseuse to do more than just rub him down.

You know, maybe, like, script his press conferences; a little PR work on the side, or something (perverts).

(The video takes a few seconds to load)

UPDATE: With the Heels losing, at home, to Duke last night, we’re now giving 3:1 odds that Roy will be Pat Robertson’s next guest on the 700 club.

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John Travolta Heals Haiti With Only His Touch

January 27, 2010


People of Haiti need not be concerned anymore.  It’s true that their airport can only handle 130 landings each day and many planes circle the airfield hoping to land and offer their food, water, and other support.  However, 1 of those planes that was able to land was piloted by John Travolta and contained some food and a whole lot of crazy.  Great news.

Travolta dropped off a whole crop of Scientologists who, dressed in yellow shirts, have been using a process called “assist” in which the power of touch is said to reconnect nervous systems damaged by trauma.  You read that correct.  Scientologists are touching people and claiming it is healing them.


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Dr. Steve Brule: For Your Haiti!

January 20, 2010


"Don't be a turkey, help Haiti!"

If you’ve never seen “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” on Adult Swim then I feel sorry for you and you should remedy that problem soon.  For those of you that have seen the show, you’re well aware of Dr. Steve Brule and “Brule’s Rules”.  Tim, Eric, and John C. Reilly are putting on a benefit show in LA next Tuesday Jan. 26th with all benefits going to help efforts in Haiti.  While I am quite far away from California and therefore unable to make the show, I still applaud it’s purpose and will take any opportunity to post the video seen later in this post.


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Help Donate to Haiti

January 13, 2010



As you’ve most likely seen, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shocked Haiti yesterday causing catastrophic damage and loss of life.  We here at Frumpzilla just wanted get some info out there on how you can help the efforts to support them. You can donate money directly to the Red Cross on the internet here.  Below you’ll find numbers to text if you choose to donate that way.  Just know that any little bit will help and it will surely be appreciated!

Text the word “ Yele” to 501501 to donate $5
On behalf of the Yéle Foundation, the leading contributor to rebuilding Haiti founded by Wyclef Jean

Text the word “ Haiti” to 85944 to donate $5
On behalf of the Rescue Union Mission and MedCorp International

Text the word “ Haiti” to 25383 to donate $5
On behalf of the Internal Rescue Committee

Text the word “ Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10
On behalf of the Red Cross in the U.S.

Text the word “ Haiti” to 45678 (In Canada Only)
On behalf of the Salvation Army in Canada

Thanks Frumpsters!!

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Pat Robertson explains why God and his earthquake chose Haiti…

January 13, 2010

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It may sound like a bedtime story, but this is straight truth (as Pat notes in the video below).  It’s all quite simple, really: Back when the Haitians were under the thumb of ole Puss in Boots (that’s Napoleon Bonaparte, for you kids out there), they were so desperate for freedom and independence from the French that they made a deal with the Devil.  Well, as any good history book will tell you, the Devil obliged in 1804, and the rest is history (albeit not always the prettiest).

Oh, and apparently this may have pissed God off, which is bad, and so God sent his earthquake to remind Haiti that making deals with the Devil comes at quite a price; even if you don’t get the call from the creditor for a little over 200 years. 

Thereafter, God presumably asked Pat, being the model ambassador for Christianity and religion that Pat is, to make sure he got the word out, and so he did.  And it was good… (DBJ is on a roll with good tips today, too)

Frump it here to see how you can help the victims of this catastrophic event with just a simple text message…

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Wayne Ellington Lived the Life at UNC

December 30, 2009


Wayne Ellington

Well, either he did(he did.) or his parents did(they did.)! 

I was sent this link recently.  While I understand it’s a link to http://carolinasucks.com and not http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/ like the design would want you to believe, and the images may be fabricated, the facts behind them do not seem to be fabricated.  The images claim that a $400k abode is the residence of Wayne Ellington Sr., the father of the former UNC bball player(06-09).  I don’t quite have the resources to look up Mr. Ellington’s profession or what he was worth before his son made it to the NBA.  I’m not trying to argue whether or not he could afford such a house while his son was in school(before he made money for bball).  I am wondering why the house was(is) owned by James A. Mason Jr. who was a former Morehead scholar at UNC and is now a prominant businessman in Chapel Hill.  Mason Jr. is a founding member of Parish Capital, who has very stong ties to Keenan-Flagler, UNC’s business school.  They’re even part of the Carolina Venture Fellows program.  I’m sure Roy and UNC did a good job of making sure Mason Jr. himself did not donate to the athletic program, but it’s hard to deny these ties seem to be a conflict of interest. 

Frump it on for pictures and links that lead me to these conclusions.


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