Final Four Preview:  Sorry, Stephen Curry won’t be playing tonight…

Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 3:00 pm ET

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Yep, sadly Stephen Curry, his pal “The White Lobster”, and the rest of the Davidson Wildcats didn’t quite make this one.  Don’t let that get you down though.  This Final Four is primed to be one of the best in recent memory.  CBS should be able to milk more melodrama out of this one than an entire season of “As the World Turns”.  This year’s “One Shining Moment” could be special…

Artist's depiction of Roy Williams coacing the Tar HeelsAccording to Rivals Radio, rougly 75% of te State of Kansas hates Roy Williams

Darren Collison looks to lead the Bruins past Memphis tonightPwned...

(1) Memphis vs (1) UCLA, 6:10 ET

Line:  Memphis -2

When Calipari said he felt his Tigers weren’t getting enough respect, he meant it.  Memphis has been demanding respect as of late.  Not asking for it, demanding it, and they obviously have no issues with simply taking it from opponents that take them lightly. 

UCLA should fare better than both Michigan State and Texas, the last two teams to be mauled by the Tigers, but it’s tough to bet against Memphis at this point.  Some people may be surprised at that -2 line, but not us.  Derrick Rose, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Dozier, Dorsey, et al, we think a focussed Memphis squad will simply be too much for the Bruins to handle tonight.  Note the “focussed” qualifier, because if the Tigers get too free-form, as they often do, a well balanced, disciplined UCLA team should be able to pick them apart on both ends of the floor.

The Joey “Man-Child” Dorsey Kevin Love matchup is partcularly intriguing.  Looking forward to seeing that battle down in the post.  Beyond that, shutting down Rose’s penetration will be the key for UCLA to reach the championship game.  Their team defense is strong enough to do that, but what happens when Rose finds that/those other option(s)? 

Memphis has too much going well for them at the moment.  Expect the Tigers to come out on top in a close one.  UCLA’s good fortune ends tonight…

By the way, will Kevin Love’s total points + rebounds be over 29?  For the Bruins’ sake, they better…

(1) North Carolina vs (1) Kansas,  8:50 ET

Line:  UNC -3.5

CBS, you went and saved the best for last tonight.  Thanks for that.  Man, are there enough sub-plots in this one or what?  Roy Williams vs his old program; Roy Williams vs the State of Kansas; Bill Self trying to completely remove the choker he’s been wearing for the past few years;  Bill Self trying to bring Kansas a championship to ease his conscience about leaving Lawrence to take the job at his alma mater, Oklahoma State.  The list goes on and on.  This one should be good, but it won’t be. 

Frumpsters, I’m gonna go out on a bit of a limb:  UNC here in our mortal lock of the entire tournament, and by using the phrase “mortal lock” we are in no way endorsing or promoting illegal gambling of any kind. 

Kansas simply hasn’t impresed me as of late.  A 2 point win over Stephen Curry and the “White Lobster”?  I mean, I love Davidson and Stephen Curry as much as the next guy, and I know they were riding the Mo big time, but the Jayhawks should have put that crowd in their place.  In other words, a compfortable double-digit win. 

Sacha “Feel for You” Kaun (Sacha Kaun…) and Darrell Arthur are supposed to contain Psycho-T tonight?  Heh, we’ll see about that.  Even if they manage to keep Hansbrough under 20 or something, the Heels simply have too many weapons and depth off the bench:  Ty Lawson, Wayne “Pretty Boy” Ellington, Danny Green, Marcus Ginyard, Alex “Pretty Boy 2” Stephenson, Deon Thompson, Quinton Thomas, that other guy.  I mean hell, Carolina’s 2nd 5 is probably a bubble team, at worst.  The Jayhawks will be reeling.

And then there’s the coaching matchup.  Is there really any question here?  This is the last spot I’d want Bill Self coaching in.  Too much drama, too many sub-plots.  It’ll rattle him.  Roy will be cool, as will the Heels.  Absent Rush and/or Chalmers pulling a Harold “The Show” Arceneux for the Jayhawks, Carolina rolls here.

By the way, does Tyler Hansbrough score more than 22 points tonight?  Hmmm…

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9 Responses to “Final Four Preview:  Sorry, Stephen Curry won’t be playing tonight…”

  1. BigAlatUNC Says:

    OMG. I can’t believe your final four article talks about Stephen Curry in the title! Get over it man. I’m glad they made the tournament interesting this year, but they’re over. I have to say it again, you are a hater, pure and simple. You couldn’t be satisfied with your mopey Hansborough pics, huh? You had to cut the Heels out completely? The state of Kansas?!  You are one crazy mofo…

  2. Jrock Says:

    Who’s for rotisserie Jayhawk? Carolina is giving them the business.

    It looks like UCLA is done. They had a great season.

  3. Ciaran Says:

    I can’t decide what’s more hideous:  The Kansas cheerleaders or Roy Williams’ tie.  I’d venture to say that Roy Williams is one of the worst, if not the worst, dressed coaches in college basketball.

    Alexander Julian needs to get his shit together…

  4. Ciaran Says:

    HOLY SH*T…

    What the hell is going on with the Heels?  DOWN 26!?!?!?!  With tons of time remaining…IN THE 1ST HALF???

    I guess this is what I get for wagering on them, play money of course.

    For the record, Billy Packer called this game with over 7 minutes remaining in the first half…

  5. Jrock Says:

    Packer is a hater. The offense is way out of sync. We still have a shot but we have to step up the D and stop taking all those threes.

  6. Dejected Elk Says:

    Kansas disgraced UNC. The dejected elk-esque look on Roy Williams’ face was worth the 120 Monopoly dollars three individuals on this board happened to have lost spending it all on premimum authentic Florentine pizza.

  7. Ciaran Says:

    Well, so much for my “Mortal Lock of the Tournament.”  Lost some play money on that one.

    I’ll take 10-3 since the Sweet 16, but losing a Mortal Lock stings.  Don’t think it’s ever happened before.  Not like that anyway.  What a beat down.  I blame the UNC coaching staff’s wardrobe for this one.

    Congrats, Kansas.  You saved your best game of the season for the Heels’ worst.  Might as well have been last year’s Super Bowl…

  8. Jrock Says:

    Kansas disgraced UNC my @$$. They were shook during that comeback and stopped smiling real quick. It’s all good. We will be back and if don’t understand that then your whole perspective is wack. Now, I can focus on the NBA.

  9. BigAtatUNC Says:

    Oh well, can’t win them all right. Kansas brought IT. That wasn’t even their A-game, it was some uber yet-to-be-defined game. I also blame UNC’s coaching staff, though for bad decisions not the wardrobe. It was obvious that Kansas could easily beat that end defense. They should have switched out of that after about 15 secs. 

    I’m still number one in the office pool so that should make up for my losses last night, those to my wallet that is. My pride and soul will need a bit more time to recover.

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