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Frump’s Lucky 7 College Football Picks: Week 5, 9-29-2012

September 29, 2012


So, as usual, Frump took the first two weeks to get a feel for the college football landscape this year. Week 3 we went 4-3 against the spread (ATS); Week 4 was dominated by wedding festivities (no (betting) action); and now we head into week 5 sitting at 57%, 3 points shy of Frump’s lofty 60% ATS winning percentage goal for the season.

We’re not counting on that, obviously. We’d be thrilled to even maintain our current 57-58% rate, but why not to aim high, right? With that in mind, let’s go ahead and take a quick look at the seven games Frump likes for Week 5 (in no order):

N.C. State at Miami -2.5; O/U 56.5

Kicking things off with a bit of Raleigh flavor,  N.C. State (3-1) travels down to sunny south Florida to take on the Miami Hurricanes (3-1) before what’s sure to be yet another tepid, non-capacity crowd at Sun Life Stadium.

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, despite the best efforts of the local sports radio community,  the U tends to have a bit of trouble  drumming up the kind of fan enthusiasm, passion and support that one might expect from such a prestigious college football program. And that should play an important role in Frump’s pick of Under 56.5.

There’s not a heap of series history here; N.C. State is 5-7-1 all time against Miami. The relevant angle for the Under, however, is what these two teams have done against comparable competition this year, and — in the case of Miami — where they’ve done it.

The total in each of N.C. State’s three games against FBS competition would meet the Under 56.5 today, including a strong 10-7 win @ UConn in Week 2. Miami, on the other hand, has been hitting Overs on the reg (3-0). All three of  the Hurricanes games against FBS competition (Boston College, Kansas State, Georgia Tech) have smashed Over 56.5 (72, 65, 78, respectively). All three of those games have also, however, been on the road.

The lone home game for Miami up until today saw the Canes beat Bethune-Cookman 38-10 in Week 3. After an emotional, hard fought win against @ Georgia Tech last week, expect Miami to return home to the lukewarm confines of Sun Life Stadium, where a similarly-styled performance from two teams still seemingly trying to find their way should help Frump win with the Under here.


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NCAA Tournament of the (Previous) Decade

March 14, 2011


NCAA basketball logoNow that the first of a new decade of newly formated NCAA tournament fields has been set, Frump figured it’s as good a time as any to examine the best of the previous decade.

Some of you may recall Frumpzilla’s Top 25 College Football Programs of the Decade – it was a pretty big hit for us.

This undertaking, while in a similar vein, isn’t necessarily intended as a definitive ranking of select college basketball programs from ‘00/’01 – ‘09/’10. We basically just thought it would be interesting to see how college basketball programs would stack up when plotting out each’s NCAA Tournament performance over the course of a decade.

More than anything, we wanted this to be fun. If nothing else, you might learn a thing or two about NCAA Tournament history from 2000 through 2010 – at least quantitatively — so make the jump to see how the NCAA Tournament of the 2000’s plays out…


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Things are about to get…wait…yeah, things just got “nuclar” at Subway

November 3, 2010


Frump recently brought you video of an epic brouhaha at a San Francisco McDonald’s – The Giants Game 2 win over the Rangers in the World Series apparently riled up the locals moreso than usual.

Now, I’m not sure why, but I guess I’ve always considered Subway a somewhat “classier” eatery – at least as far as fast food goes. If nothing else, it’s healthier, right? Jared proves that. But, yeah, maybe we should just leave it at healthier.

It’s not abundantly clear what set this dude off. I mean, as far as I know, Subway’s still running that fantastic Five Dollar Footlong special, so that’s out. Here’s what we do know, however:

  1. Someone apparently asked to see this guy’s ass
  2. This didn’t sit well with him
  3. He may or may not have an irrational fear of telephone cords
  4. In this young man’s lingo, “Getting nuclar up in here” apparently refers to missing wildly with cheap-shot haymakers
  5. After getting wailed on by someone in a University of Texas hoodie (how embarrassing!), he felt it wise to start an illegal, street fighting gambling ring
  6. One month’s salary to this young man is apparently $100
  7. If a Fast Food Fight ensues, don’t bet on the outcome – Just take “Yes” on the prop “Will someone take their shirt off?”
  8. Public intoxication – and/or being a really big douche – can lead to getting tasered
  9. It’s safe to assume – right or wrong – that the cops will always have an itchy trigger finger

Thanks to DBJ for the vid

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Frump Day Links: Epic Stache Man edition…

February 24, 2010


It’s Wednesday, it’s just before lunch (here on the East Coast) and it’s time to spread the Frumpzilla love…

Dick Douche, Attorney at Law, tries to give some professional  advise [sic] (Brahsome)

Uncomfortable Moments in Sideline Reporting History (Sharapova’s Thigh)

The inner monlogue of Amber Lamps: Heroine of the AC Transit Bus Beatdown Saga (Holy Taco)

Vince Carter is good at 85 foot, one-handed shots while sitting down (Howard the Dunk)

Texas isn’t actually going to join the PAC-10, are they? (SportsByBrooks)

RIP, Epic Beard Man.  Long live Epic Stache Man? (photo)

Getting divorced = Tat show for Cheryl Cole (Sharapova’s Thigh (again))

Sticking with the tat theme, check out some Tebow tats (Busted Coverage)

UNC’s Roy Williams may or may not be starting to slip (Buster Sports)

Some people still get really excited about women’s basketball (Buster Sports (again))

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The Top 25 College Football Programs of the Decade

February 1, 2010


This is the most important BCS Egg Trophy Ever: Frumpzilla's Top 25 College Football Programs of the Decade

This is the most important BCS Egg Trophy Ever: Frumpzilla's Top 25 College Football Programs of the Decade

*****UPDATE: Due to a relatively high volume of great reader feedback (and requests), we’ve added several variations of our rankings below. Many thanks to all that have left feedback and offered suggestions on how to improve and expand the rankings.*****

*****UPDATE II: I’ve been informed that the data sheets below don’t always load properly at first, and I’ve experienced this myself. If you encounter this issue, reloading the page seems to fix it. Thanks.*****

I know, I know. The Super Bowl contenders are now set. Football fans, if not the vast majority of sports fans in general, are far more concerned with whether Drew wins his first or if Peyton can solidify himself as the greatest quarterback of all time. Understandable. I mean, even I’m more excited than usual for this Super Bowl.

So why do a “Best of the Decade” college football list now? Well, nearly a month removed from Alabama’s 8th, 13th or 27th National Championship (depending on who you ask), let’s just say I wasn’t quite ready to let go of my #1 sports passion yet.

Yes, not willing to wait for next season,  I decided instead to reexamine the depths of the last 10 in an effort to establish the final top 25: The Top 25 college football programs of the decade (it’s actually the Top 57, or so, but I figured I should use “Top 25” in the title for SEO reasons).

Make the jump for Frumpzilla’s epic compilation, along with a detailed explanation of the methodology behind our rankings…


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Alabama Fans Are The Best

January 7, 2010

1 Comment

Less than 3 hours from kickoff, so, though this particular Bama fan isn’t talking about the UT in question tonight, I think it’s safe to say he probably speaks for the entire Alabama fanbase when it comes to Tide Pride and their view of other programs in general (seriously, Alabama fans are some of the biggest haters around).  

Nevertheless, we’re still sticking with our Alabama -4, Under 46 predition, but, man, it’s going to be a very long year for Sir Charles, et al.  Special thanks to Ngongang for the Frump…

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11 Days of Bowling: BCS Championship Game

January 7, 2010


Nick Saban is going for this 2nd BCS Championship tonight Mack Brown will also be seeking his 2nd BCS Title tonight

 And now for the big one.  The one for all the marbles.  The only marbles, depending on who you ask.  The BCS Championship.  Nick Saban and Mack Brown are both seeking their 2nd BCS Title tonight; Texas, its 5th Mythical National Championship…Alabama, its 37th (depending on who you ask).

After Central Michigan could only give us a push last night against Troy, Frumpzilla is sitting at 9-6-2 for our feature.  With that in mind, we’re definitely in the playmoney regardless of what happens tonight, and that’s always nice.  Still, think it’s time to press our luck a bit more than usual and try to get us to 11-6-2.  Frump it here for how we’re gonna do this in a BCS Title game that packs a bit more drama than usual…


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Charles Barkley is deathly afraid of Alabama winning the BCS Title

January 6, 2010


Sir Charles is an Auburn man, through and throughAuburn Tiger (or perhaps War Eagle, or Fighting Tiger Eagle, or something) alumnus, Charles Barkley, has never been one to shy away from a microphone.  Nor has the Round Mound of Rebound ever been one to mince words, and he’s certainly not doing that when it comes to his thoughts on the prospects of Alabama winning another national championship; or, as any true college football fan has come to call it, Mythical National Championship, that is.

“I always tell people the three saddest days of my life were the day Elvis died, the day JFK died and the day Alabama fired Mike Shula,” Barkley told reporters at a presser for tonight’s GMAC Bowl in Mobile.  “This could be the longest year of our lives if they win.  They are the worst winners in the history of civilization.”

Well said, Sir Charles.  Alabama folks are pretty uppity, yeah?  Citing all those Championships during 4 loss seasons, and stuff.  Frump it here for a video clip of Barkley’s comments at the press conference and full article from Al.com.


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