Video: Goose Fight Takes Tragic Turn, Even as Far as Goose Fights Go

Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 9:21 am ET

Feathers and Fur, Kissed With Apocalypse

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Now, we all know that unbridled violence is wrong — even amongst our feathered friends — but there are times one must take a stand against injustice, or even just to prove that one’s sperm is worthier of a prospective mate’s ovum. It’s nature’s way.

Having said that, the fighter must still be aware of the potential consequences of engaging in such combat. Even retreat, despite otherwise reasonable expectations, does not necessarily ensure he (and his sperm) shall live to fight (or swim) another day. Sad, perhaps, but again — it’s nature’s way.

When Frump’s massive editorial staff first sat down to review this video, we never suspected the above footage would give rise to such themes. Truth be told, we were much more prepared for yet another “oh, look honey — animals having sex” clip, or maybe even just some poop. Indeed, seeing a poor, defeated goose meet its demise at the grill of an Acura TSX was totally unexpected.

Did I laugh? Yes. Did B-Diddy? I don’t think so. But then I’m not sure he’s ever mistakenly encroached upon a goose’s nest either…


All thanks goes to YouTube user MrTyhiggs, who I believe shot this footage. For whatever reason, he disabled embedding (despite opting to sell ads on the video), so we’ve had to resort to using some copycats claiming that their video is the original (it’s not), since Tyler Higgins has dropped repeated copyright nukes on YouTube copies of his video, we’re now using a “slo-mo” version that may or may not constitute “Fair Use” (still baffled by the lack of embedding, Tyler (unless you work for YouTube, or something)).

If this fails, we’ll host it ourselves (which our vast legal team assures us is, in fact, “Fair Use” under the circumstances (hooray!)).

All that said, if you’re feeling like a particularly good internet citizen today (and since MrTyhiggs is apparently strapped for cash) please view MrTyhiggs truly original YouTube video here (and click on his ads, I guess).

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